This build has gradually pieced itself together over several years. It has changed shape and forms, but now it's one little beast. Below are my reviews on each part.

CPU - This thing is a freaking beast! I ran it on stock speeds for a long while, and it slaughtered almost everything I threw at it, with the exception of Battlefield 1 keeping it at about 100% load when playing. Now it's overclocked to 4.6Ghz with a voltage of 1.331. It's an amazing thing!

Thermal Compound - It works. It's a chilly CPU.

Motherboard - This was the cheapest motherboard I could get from Micro Center. It has worked exceptionally well. I love that I can "overclock" my CPU without having a Z97 motherboard. The only thing I wish I could change would be for it to have more fan headers.

RAM - I got this on an extreme deal on Newegg maybe 2 years ago. It's worked fine, without issues. Not to mention, it does look great in the Black and Blue color scheme.

3 SSDs - Not the most conventional way to do it, but I first bought the PNY and worked my way up as I needed more storage. All three are more than fast enough for my needs. It takes about 2-3 seconds for my PC to boot up, with almost all of that time dedicated to the place where you access the BIOS. Games load remarkably fast. No complaints.

Video Card - Bought before the Miner Fallouts, this has been a fairly reliable Card. It does sag a little, which is rather annoying. Also, the Owl RGB ended up different color than all the other RGB parts on the card after about a month of use, so I turned off the RGB.

Case - It's big. It's fat. But it fits a ton of stuff. Also, it's amazing how modular it is! I had a Optical Drive in here in my last build, but was easily able to take out the rack to make room for the reservoir for my water cooling loop. If you have the space, it's worth the buy!

Power Supply - I upgraded to this about a year ago when my 80+ EVGA started getting some serious coil whine. I love the Eco mode, which keeps the fan off until it's needed. The fact that it is fully modular is nice, but not really needed since the case has a hidden compartment in the bottom for the PSU and the mess of cables.

Wireless Network Adapter - This was the cheapest PCI adapter available when I bought it. It works, but sometimes my PC's internet gets slow for no particular reason, while my phone still runs at normal speeds. I may change this out eventually.

Case Fans - I had some old LEPA fans, but their bearings were worn out in about 2 years. These are louder than I expected, but they keep my PC very chilly!

HP Monitor - It was cheap. It works. I use it as a secondary monitor so I can watch movies or monitor temperatures while I'm gaming.

AOC Monitor - This was a Christmas gift. It has great color and no dead pixels, but the build quality is a little questionable. As long as I don't knock it off my desk, it's fine.

Keyboard - I will NEVER go back to membrane keyboards! I held out for about 3 years with a cheap Cooler Master Mouse and Keyboard combo, but I decided to throw the money at it one day. It feels so much better and I love the customization options!

Headphones - Call me strange, but I upgraded from the HyperX Cloud 2 to these. I have a big head, and these are much more comfortable! The audio is certainly more clear and louder! The cable is a little finicky, but I can't complain. I had my Cloud 2's for 3 years and quite literally flew them around the world. They were stuffed in bags and pockets, but they still worked like new, so I'm not really that concerned about the Alphas.

Zelotes Mouse - Call me strange twice, but I prefer the generic claw mice. I tried mice from companies like Logitech, but this one just feels better.

Mousepad - I wanted a full mat instead of the little mousepad I used to have which frayed, so this one was cheap and fit the bill. No complaints. Bonus, great for geography homework assignments!

Water Cooling Loop Stuff As a preface, this is my first water cooling loop. I built it to be respectable, but also budget friendly. I have no complaints, as it keeps my i5-4690k clocked to 4.6Ghz very cold! The ambient temperature is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and no joke, the temperatures have dropped to 19 degrees Celsius or 66 degrees Fahrenheit at times (in some cores). Typically though, it idles at about 22-25 degrees Celsius and caps out at around 60 degrees Celsius when doing heavy gaming for a long session, so I am happy with the results!

Water Block - Pretty, easyish to mount, and is exceptional with heat transfer! A good pick indeed!

Tubing - Why spend $15-25 on fancy water cooling tubing? Despite the logos printed on this, it works great! It's hard to bend though, so it's kind of a jumbled mess in my case, hence the name "Pretzel". Time will tell how well it lasts.

Fittings - I debated these compared to the compression fittings for awhile. I decided on these because they were cheaper and are easier to install (in my mind). They are secure, fit the tubing well, and don't leak. I only wish the neck was a little bit longer.

Reservoir/Pump Combo - I really didn't want to spend this much. However, after reading many reviews of the cheaper options on the market, I decided to just drop the money on it. It looks great and pumps great! It's a little noisy, but not that bad. No louder than the case fans. I used zip ties to mount it to the inside of the fan mounts on the front of the case. It was longer than I expected, so I had to take the 5.25" bay out of the case to make room so I could fill it.

Radiators - Not the most conventional way to cool, but certainly effective! I reaaally wanted to have a 360mm radiator, but my case wouldn't fit it. Then I wanted a 280mm radiator, but then there were no fans I liked for that size. Therefore, I decided to mount a 240mm radiator on the top and use the headroom on the 280mm bracked to install a second 120mm radiator in the back. It was hard to run the tubing, but it did fit.

Hose Clamps - Cheap. Secure. Certainly prevent leaks. I might paint them black at a later date,

Coolant - Now, WHY would I spend $24 on coolant? Because I was too lazy to drive to the store for distilled water. The whole loop takes slightly less than the full bottle, which is awesome! It also looks great!

Thanks for reading!

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  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

Neat build dude. If I were you, I would pick up a high refresh rate and/or 1440p monitor as 1080p 60hz is way overkill(except for maybe PUBG or Assasins creed origins) for a GTX 1070. Also some zip ties and cable boxes will make your setup look neater.

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, I intend to upgrade to a single, better monitor once I start college in the fall.

  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

+1 for the name

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

Interesting build, might look even better with a waterblock on the GPU! +1 for originality though!

I'm curious, you said you've overclocked your 4690k but your motherboard is listed as an ASRock H97M, did you do BLK overclocking?

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

I'm not quite sure what BLK overclocking is...

I just used the Non-Z OC in the Bios. I think it's only an Asrock thing though.

[comment deleted]
  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

To the credit of the mess of hoses, it remains really chilly.