Hello PPC. This is my first personal build. IT has always been a long term hobby and interest of mine, but back then as a student, I didn't have the budget to pursue a build like this. I've built and troubleshooted PC for family & friends for a really long time, and I even have an IT day job. This was a real fun build to do, and I can't wait to see what this beast can do & more.

Part Reviews


The locked i7-8700 more than fit my needs for this build. I only got it for $200 thus why I even started the build in the first place. With its 6 cores and 12 threads, it will last me for years to come. With Windows 10 Pro, this will run anything you throw at it with ease, whether it's games, heavy duty applications, and more.

CPU Cooler

My first impression of liquid cooling was that it had to be this super bada** setup, but it turned out going the AIO route worked well for my needs. I know high-end Intel chips tend to run hot, and while I can't say the same for Coffee Lake, I went ahead with the H60, and it keeps my 8700 real cool, especially under load.

Thermal Compound

Thermal paste is self explanatory, it just works lol. That and it works way better than the pre-applied stuff on my H60.


The motherboard, what more can I say? It has built-in dual band AC wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, more than enough fan headers, as well as builtin RGB headers, and RGB lighting on the I/O. I can't say enough about how good this board is. ASUS motherboards have always looked cool to me, and the feature set it offered fit my needs. My only con for this board is a lack of USB 3.1 Type A ports in the rear I/O. Other than that, it is a beast, however I will say, if I hadn't purchased through Amazon (since I have Prime), I could've gotten this for significantly cheaper.


This part of the build, along with the GPU killed me as far as pricing. I wanted to slightly futureproof my RAM, so I went with DDR4-3000. I haven't actually enabled XMP on it yet, since I'm not sure how well that works with a non-K chip. But it works and it looks awesome.


Very excellent value for the price. I bought it at Micro Center in Cambridge, and when I saw they had a bin FULL of these, I was tempted to take multiple. I ended up grabbing one due to budget, and just needing it for a boot drive. Eventually I wanna upgrade to a spacious NVMe M.2 drive.

Video Card

Oh boy, this one was the last piece of my build. I was running Intel Integrated until I came across this on craigslist. I got it for $440 (which is $40 more than NVIDIA's MSRP). While I paid a bit more than I would've liked for it, it was well worth it for the Founder's Edition. The first thing I did was fire up PUBG, and all I gotta say is wow, Ultra at 1080p is GORGEOUS. All in all, this will suit my gaming needs for a long time, and when I eventually upgrade to a 1440p screen.


The glue that holds all the components together, the case. I gotta say, I was sceptical about this case due to the price, but it was an EXCELLENT value for the price. PPC had the lowest price for 39.99 but it didn't factor in shipping, which was an arm and a leg, so I went with Amazon even though I paid $10 more, but in return I got free 2 day Prime shipping. The ATX mid tower is real spacious, and the two blue LED fans were a nice touch. I ended up removing the back one to accommodate the H60's radiator and fan. It was real fun building in this case. The only con was the cable management is average at best, but the manufacturer of the case did include zip ties and the mounts for them.

Power Supply

I was a bit worried at first that this wouldn't power all my components, but after running my beast for a while, I'm glad to say it handles everything fine with no issues.

Operating System

I had a Windows 10 Pro license lying around that was unused and in its OEM plastic, so I used it for this build. Windows 10 Pro with latest gen hardware runs stupid fast, and it's real easy to use. Then again, it's Windows, so not much to say here lol.

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may i ask where you got an 8700K for 200 i’m trying to build on a budget. Thanks!!

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