This machine is amazing. I can max every game at 1080 on the 75 Hz Asus VG245H. I had the Dell monitor left over from plugging my laptop into, so I kept it. I love the Hue Plus LED's, even though the software is a pain in the ***. I absolutely love the NZXT S340, it is really easy to build in. Coming from my last desktop with a WD Blue as a boot disk, the 850 EVO makes a world's difference. It really is night and day in snappiness and boot time. Love this build all around.

Part Reviews


No complaints. Quite the beast. Plan on overclocking it soon!

CPU Cooler

Wonderful cooler. Not too loud, and love the temperatures I have gotten out of it so far.


Beautiful board. The RGB is nice, and the design is great.


The XMP Profile worked, so no complaints.


Wonderful drive. So fast and responsive. Insane difference from a HDD.

Video Card

Man, is this thing a beast. No game has dipped below the 75hz cap on the VG245H at 1080. Love this card.


Great to build in, air filters are a nice touch. Stock fans are a little noisy, but I plan to replace them at some point.


Great monitor. 1ms and 75Hz is great. Love the design too.


  • 36 months ago
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I can max every game at 1080

Well, no wonder. It's a card that'll crush games at 1440p. =-)


  • 36 months ago
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yeah this guy might want to get a 1440p monitor if you can afford it

  • 36 months ago
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Yeah. I figured I could make up for the 1440p with the 75hz monitor. Was cheaper and got a nice monitor. For sure will handle 1080p for years and years to come.

  • 36 months ago
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I could make up for the 1440p with the 75hz monitor.

You could have gone with a 144hz monitor. =D

  • 34 months ago
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Nice build! I thought it pretty crazy how much this build looks like the one I just completed not to long ago. I like the blue and black of course. Good job