The goal behind this build was to play the occasional game and use it mostly for school work. I wanted a mini ITX due to the fact that I live in an RV. After all the reviews I have read cable management was the most challenging part of this build. With that said it still was not even a 20 minute ordeal to organize the cables, however I was going more for functionality and less of how it looks but I should probably reorganize the cables. Windows did crash once but that was my fault especially since this is my first build. As far as how it preforms I have yet to truly test it. Thus far it has had no problems playing the games I play; SimCity, Warframe, COD, Skyrim. I know most people like to see clock speeds and temps but I haven't done any benchmarks yet and thus far I haven't see the CPU get above 75 under load. The Case is AWESOME in my opinion. Airflow is really really good and you can get most GPU's in the case with room to spare. I will be replacing the 200mm fan that came with the case with same size noctua fans and adding two 80 mm fans at the back. The Fatality B450 itx w/wifi is surprisingly great, I don't know why my expectations were low but this is honestly my favorite part of this build. The quality is outstanding considering its price and functions perfectly with the Ryzen 7 2700x that I paired it to. The stock cooler fits perfectly and works perfectly as well. I also used Samsung evo 670 500gb and have had no issues with that either. I have 2x 5400 3tb HDD and The only reason I incorporated those was because I already owned them and had no other use. I used the MSI 1660TI for the GPU and it works well with what I throw at it in 1080P no issues at all. Overall I wouldn't change anything but then again I have not benchmarked it yet and I may change my mind who knows.

Part Reviews


Great CPU handles anything that I will throw at it and the few games that I have played I don't even think this thing got above 75c. If your using this for school and gaming this is a great CPU!!


I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this MOBO. The BIOS was pretty straight forward and user friendly. Considering its price and the fact that it has more fan headers than most ITX MOBO as well as the wifi and Bluetooth. I am very happy with this Board so far and it has pretty good VRM with no issues thus far. Highly recommend

Memory its ram it quick and it looks good


This is a really good quality M.2 for OS and Programs which is all I use it for. Programs run very fast on this memory.

Video Card

I have yet to fully experience this graphics card or even challenge the card but at 1080p playing games like SimCity, Skyrim, warframe, it kills it!!


This is an AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! case. Airflow is great the design was well thought out and intuitive. The fan that comes with the case is decent I will be replacing it with same size noctua and placing two 80 mm fans in the back but CPU temps have not been an issue with this case. Cable management is always a challenge with ITX but this one was not that bad at all. MSI 1660TI Ventus OC fits with a lot of room to spare. Highly Highly recommend this case to anyone interested in ITX however I would say this is on the larger side of the ITX spectrum.

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