I've been wanting to get into PC Gaming for a while now but haven't had the money to do it, lucky i was able to have a part time job and was able to afford my First PC With these Specs,

AMD 8120: Clocked at 3.1GHz Gigagabyte GA-78lmt-usb3 Motherboard 8GB DDR3-1333 Ram 500GB Hard Drive EVGA 750ti SC 500w Power Supply Deepcool TESSERACT SW ATX Mid Tower Case

Now this PC above lasted me around 5-6 months, never had a single problem wrong with it, but i needed a major upgrade because i stopped playing the less demanding games, i wanted better frames rates so i started saving every penny i did!

""Update, Changed the graphics card and also the motherboard round, no more CPU Cooler either."

Part Reviews


Very good CPU if you don't want to overclock, great for gaming and cheap but want an upgrade to a 6600k or a 7600k so I can overclock my CPU

CPU Cooler

Great CPU Cooler BUT, it took the absolute crap to install it over a good hour! And my CPU at the moment is idling on 31, and maxing on 70, will be upgrading this also to a Corsair Liquid soon to improve this problem


In my honest opinion I think that this motherboard is bringing the whole computer down, it seems to bottleneck the graphics card! So this will be the first thing I'm going to upgrade in this build


No complaints, my web pages now load up x10 Times quicker than ever before, it's a massive change from going from 1 Stick of DDR3-3333 to change to 2 Sticks of DDR4

Video Card

Runs EVERYTHING I've thrown at it, it's just the motherboard and the CPU in this build what is letting it down! DOOM runs at Ultra 60FPS, GTA 5 High Settings 60FPS!'


  • 33 months ago
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um dude , your motherboard is not bottlenecking anything in your pc , but your hard drive is holding you back ... GET RID OF THAT THING ASAP

  • 34 months ago
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Rx480 has better driver support and is future-proof in my opinion, that's my recommendation. CPu didn't let anything down. Rx480 has vulkan support and is ready for dx12 the future of gaming. Just my recommendation.

  • 34 months ago
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Well ive sent the graphics card back and the motherboard and doing upgrades on them, was looking at a RX 480

  • 31 months ago
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I would get an SSD or at least a 7200 rpm HDD, that harddisk is bottlenecking your whole system. Nice build tho.