My last personal PC was bought in 2006. It was a Pentium D 945D 3.6 GHz, 4GB Ram, Geforce 7900GT video card :), and it was pretty much the top of the line, 10 years ago. While it still worked for browsing, I couldn't do much more on it.

I am a photo editor, so I wanted to do some of the work at home. So I started searching for the best parts to suit my needs back in August. Unfortunately, I am from Romania, and for us all the PC parts are about 30% higher price than in the US. So I started to search for the parts I wanted, seeing when they are on sale and bought them one at a time.

Now in October, I managed to get all the parts, and in about one full day, I managed to built it. It would've taken me about 2 hours, but for the EK water cooling. It was the first time I build a PC with a custom loop cooling, even if it was a kit.

The two smaller hdd's were from my previous PC.

After I stared to make the list for the parts I wanted, I noticed I can do an orange/black build. So I dropped the Corsair 900D that I wanted, and got the bequiet! case instead.

The motherboard choice was because it's a great board, but I want in the future to run 3 M.2 drives in raid 0.

I seem to have lost the so called "silicon lottery". For my 6700K to run stable at 4.6GHz, I need to run it at 1.375V.

The 1070 Extreme Gaming was a surprise to me. I really wanted a 1080, the hybrid one from Gigabyte, but it was way to expensive in my country (It cost almost 1050$, almost as much as a Titan XP). So I went with the 1070. The Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming was the coolest one (non hybrid) I've seen in all the reviews (and it matched my color scheme). And can I say, it's a beast. I overclock's like crazy. Right now, I have it set at 1771/1973 MHz, 8536 Memory clock, on standard GPU voltage, and these are the values that I just set them at the first windows boot, and passed all the test without any problem. I'm sure it can go higher, but I didn't found the time to play with it. But let me tell you, it was a relief, after all the troubles I had with the 6700K overclock.

The EK water cooling was a bit hard for me to install (because I've never installed a custom loom). I tried 3 positions for the radiator, and 2 for the pump. It worked fine it the end. The kit they send it's awesome, it has more than anything you need.

The PC is running awesome, and I'm happy with all the parts I got. I just with I had at least one more M.2 SSD, but I will get it in the future. I love it how it stays cool and quiet. The be quiet! fans are barely audible at full speed. The vardar fans, from the EK-Kit, and the video card, at full speed sound like a drilling machine :), but they never passed 40% in any stress test or game I've tried.

Part Reviews


I have 4x16GB, and they only run at 2800Mhz max


Impressive speeds. Can't wait to raid 0 two of these.

Video Card

Great worth for the money.


Awesome case, love the Silent Wings 3 it comes with. Would have liked for it to have a PSU shroud, or something else to cover the cables from the power supply.

Power Supply

Great, even tho a bit expensive.


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Very nice build , you are saying you are having trouble with your ram. Have you enabled XMP profile on your BIOS? Maybe this should help, for your ram to run at 3000mhz.

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Your CPU is average if not a tick above average - not a loss in the lottery. There are 6700s that can't hit 4.5 at 1.44V.

How about some more pictures?

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Great build!!

For that RAM is the mobo updated to the latest bios?

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I did update the bios for the motherboard to the latest version. And with xmp enable it does not boot. So I had XMP enabled, and manually set the frequency to 2800 instead of auto 3000. Don't get me wrong, it still works great and it's perfect for my needs, I was just a bit disappointed that I couldn't get to 3000Mhz.

I will try to take some better pictures next week, and update the post.

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Love that orange color scheme. Sorry about your RAM :/

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Glad I'm not the only person who put 4 mechanical drives into my Dark Base Pro 900! Great build!

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just bought that case. nice! 1+!

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Nice build but that sloppy pipe kinda kills it :(

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Agreed. Not to be mean. You can always replace it down the road. If it had the petg tubing, it will look sick!