I built this PC mainly for gaming and video and picture editing in the future. A huge upgrade from my old gaming laptop which runs like a snail on sleeping pills.

In the beginning I was too scared to build my own PC in case I messed up, especially scared about putting on the thermal paste and static electricity. After looking at websites to build them for me and saw how much more expensive it will be I ended up deciding to build it myself, and man am I glad I did.

I did about 2-3 months of research on parts and how to build a PC. I then came across this website and started picking the parts. I posted it on Toms Hardware, who I have to thank very much as they helped me out so much on picking parts.

I was stupid enough to accidentally plug my GPU into the small PCIe slot and started freaking out why nothing was showing on my monitor. Oh the sigh of relief when I realized my mistake.

Overall I'm really pleased with my build, the satisfaction is overwhelming and I'm really proud of this accomplishment. There are a few things that I would have done differently now that I've gained a bit of experience but that's a tale for another day.

Part Reviews


What can I say, it does what it says on the tin, flawlessly. Can't wait to get some renderings done!

CPU Cooler

Bought this to replace the 212 Evo, and man am I glad with the results. Keeps my PC very cool even during the summer. Will do a stress test soon.


If you have the cash then you should definitely go for this mobo. The bios interface is simple and looks great, really easy to use. Performs really well and looks stunning.


Work like a charm, no issues at all.


PC boots up in an instant, unlike my previous gaming laptop which took literally almost 10-15 mins to completely be fully loaded.


Does the job well, so 5 stars...minus 1 for the price, there are cheaper alternatives but saw this as most reliable.

Video Card

I can run anything with this beauty. Temps stay cool and it looks amazing.


Amazing full ATX tower. This case is huge, spacious, makes cable management easy, great ventilation. Plus the filters are a plus. Great sturdy build too. Just getting to the front fans is a pain.

Optical Drive

I give four stars because i's really damn loud, other than that no complaints.

Operating System

So sad I will have to move to windows stalker (10) in future :(

Wireless Network Adapter

Had to use this because my router is downstairs, and it's a bargain. No lag even on 3 bars.

Case Fan

These babies look amazing and perform really well, but can be pretty loud in high use, so plan on changing them to the quiet series.


Amazing monitor with very clear image. Menu is a bit of a pain but once you get the right settings your golden.


By far the best keyboard I have owned, an absolute wallet condom. Looks great and very responsive. Best in price range

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  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

Couldve gone with an i5 6600k as its much cheaper and has the exact same performance. The i7 6700k is for ppl who do rendering and graphical design. The mobo is kinda overkill. The rest is all really well though

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

I will be doing video renderings in future hence why I went for the i7. I just really liked how the mobo looked and all the little extra features it had, so wasn't too bothered by the extra £50 from the other mobo I had in mind. Thanks though :)