This is an update from my build almost 5 months ago of which you can see here.

Now with new configurations and new pictures!


  1. Took out the side radiator mount and zip-tied the radiator at the front. Ran a push-pull config for optimal cpu-cooling.

  2. Switched out my Corsair Vengeance LPX's for 8g of Avexir Cores for that added bling.

  3. Got myself a set of Custom Sleeved cables in red for again, aesthetic purposes. =P

That's it (for now) .. Hope you like the less-janky pictures now.

ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE!!! haha. just kidding. \m/

Part Reviews


Perfect for my demanding - non overclocking woes and just enough to not bottleneck the performance of my GPU like a nice nacho+salsa combo.

CPU Cooler

Good ol' steampunk core beating at the center of my case.. Sometimes I just turn on my PC so I could watch it. Melts my heart. <3


Planning on swapping this out when the Asus B250i launches. Im just a little disappointed that the only LED color it supports is red, even though the strip i have inside is RGB. shame

Video Card

still proclaimed as The BEAST of 1080p gaming. hands down.. slow clap


The most popular price-to-performance IPS monitor. will soon swap for an Asus VG24" 144hz monitor. But all in the future.


a solid TKL gaming keyboard with all the bells and whistles you need for a very affordable price.


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I love your setup! :D

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Thanks man!

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Great Rig!

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thanks man!

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