I mainly just use this rig for gaming and web surfing, however I plan on installing some 3D software and playing around with that in the near future. So far I haven't had any problems with the case or any of the parts and peripherals, actually everything seems to be running rather smoothly no matter what I throw at it. I mostly play older games (Battlefront 2 Orginal, Empire At War, Star Wars The Old Republic, Command and Conquer 3 etc) with a ton of mods and high settings but I have recently installed a few more modern games such as CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, along with PubG. I get a descent FPS of at least 208.6 when I play CS when set to low settings and an average of 143 FPS on the highest settings. Haven't played PubG yet but I have played Siege with an average of 141 FPS on high to very high graphics settings, turning off the AA really helps with FPS in anything I play. As you may notice almost everything has RGB lighting...even the power supply of all things and the lighting I have set is Red...and it looks AMAZING. The only part I'd consider upgrading any time soon is definitely the RAM. Maybe somewhere up to the 2933 MHz to 3200 Mhz. Overall I'm very happy with this build.

Part Reviews


So far this CPU has served me well with both multi-tasking and gaming and it stays fairly cool at temps of 37C° to flirting with 40C°

CPU Cooler

Cooler runs relatively silent with great temps for my CPU only problem me and a few friends had was installing the thing but to be completely honest it really wasn't hard we just misunderstood the instructions.

Thermal Compound

Does it's job with no problems encountered.


Sick looking mobo with some neat RGB effects along with it, kinda wish the two pieces at the top left lit up like the rest of the board but that's just me nitpicking a bit. Bios were easy to set up as well.


It's good RAM for what it is but trust me when I say get either 2x8 or 4x4 sticks with at least 3000 Speed or above as you'd benefit greatly from that.


It's no SSD but hey its got 1TB of storage and its faster than the average HDD so there's that.


Decent HDD with a ton of storage, would buy again if I needed more room for my games.

Video Card

It's not a top tier GPU even if its a 1070 but it performs greatly with 60 FPS or above with high to ultra settings with a bit of tweaking to the V-Sync and AA settings.


Perfect size for my build and love its aesthetic even if it is a bit plain.

Edit: Side panel window could be a bit bigger.

Power Supply

Diggin' the RGB lighting this thing comes with. Although it is a bit ridiculous to have on a PSU its still kinda neat. Performance wise this things kept up with my expectations and does what its meant to.

Optical Drive

Windows installed flawlessly and it was pretty fast too, I've also played a few older games on it as well and a few music CD's/DVD's and that went pretty smooth. Just make sure your disc is in right and not slightly off balance or this thing will start to wine and tear pretty loud.

Operating System

It's Windows works, honestly not sure what else to say about it.

Case Fan

Works great especially when you view them from a certain angle to see a swastika (lol)


This monitor performs great at 144hz just not too sure whether its supposed to come with Nvidia 3D Vision glasses or not because it says so on the box but it didn't come with any so whats the point of it being 3D, or whether the supposed "overclocking" is actually possible as I and many others can't quite figure it out and those who said they did started having problems with there monitor soooo eh I guess its okay.


Performs like I expected to, and I love the RGB settings this has for the keys and all. Pretty slick design as well.


Feels really comfortable even if it's a tad bit too small for my right hand, also love the RGB and DPI accessibility along with the aesthetic of the mouse. BTW this mouse comes with a dedicated sniper button that slows your sensitivity to 30%, not sure if its really THAT useful yet I still need more time with it to tell but I'd doubt it once you get used to the mouse and find your perfect sensitivity.


Was a bit strange and confusing setting up but I got it to work just fine, great sound.

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  • 25 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey for that Acer monitor, what cables come with it? and what settings do you have with it.

Other than that looks like a very good build! Great job.

  • 25 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for the compliments dude, the cables this monitor came with were one HDMI cable and one display port cable. Would you mind elaborating on settings? Do you mean my monitor settings or something else?

  • 25 months ago
  • 1 point

Oh sorry for not be specific.

  1. The display port cable can have 144hz right? Just to be sure.

  2. Yes, I did mean the settings and color settings for the monitor because it looks very good.