Image editing and office use. It is overkill for what it is used and will be the last for me.

Part Reviews


Great bang for buck on a Z170 board, no cons.

CPU Cooler

Economical fan that does its job, this rig will not be overclocked very often.


The bonus 3.1 ports on the front is a huge plus. Seems that flash drives are swapped out a dozen times a day and am always looking for the fastest speeds.


Was originally looking at 3200 ram but found this in a kit with mobo and cpu. It can be clocked up to get the max.


This drive is a screamer for $200.


Adequate for storage and file swaps.


Adequate for storage and file swaps.

Video Card

Actually overkill but I'll take it.


Just a bit larger than would like but was very easy to route cables and install the components. The one con would be the front cover is hardwired making it difficult for changing air filters.

Power Supply

Ho-hum and does its job well.


Very nice monitor and can be calibrated as needed. This monitor gave a moderate wow factor coming from 1080. Bet the 4k are outta this world.

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  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Update 03-24-2017: Swapped the Dynatron CPU cooler for a Corsair H50 and moved the M.2 drive (system drive) to a pcie card with fan. With those two changes and adjustments made to all of the fans curve plots has made for quite a cool running rig. The location of the M.2 on the MB was directly under the GPU and resulted in temps over 90C under stress. Since moving the M.2 drive to a pcie card, the temps have yet to go over 70C. Also swapped the Thermaltake PSU for an Evga 750W G3 Supernova.

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

its a pretty solid build. the only things i would do is get a aio liquid cooler for the cpu and overclock it for extra preformance, and i would buy 2 of the same 2.5 ssd's and run them in raid 0 for the extra speed.

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

Good suggestions. I have gone with a liquid cooler and de-lidded the cpu ta boot. That processor ran way too warm for my taste.

I played around with some overclocks but just to see how it would do, I use the stock settings. On another build, I went ssd raid 0 but the m2 shows no noticeable real world difference between m2/raid 0, with my use anyway..

  • 39 months ago
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