Original build was back in January. Since then I upgraded my case and power supply. Looking to upgrade to a 2080ti as soon as I find the right deal. I have become quite obsessed with everything PC related. I'm glad I finally have something to proudly put on my desk.

I use my build to play games primarily. On occasion I do stream so check me out brothers ( I worked hard on my cable management but I am a noob PC builder.

Let me know what you think.. always open for friendly criticism.

Part Reviews


Currently keeping it @4.9ghz but am able to get it stable at 5.0.......Beast chip especially for gaming.. best high end gaming chip value in my opinion

CPU Cooler

Stock fans for this AIO are loud and are ok for intake.... Solid option if you can find for under $100


Great board.. I find the BIOS really easy to use even though there tends to be a lot of complaints with the BIOS..... Voltage tends to spike but other than a solid board that looks amazing.


Solid ram runs as advertised with a simple XMP profile


Best SSD... putting your OS on this makes your PC run lightning fast


Very reliable HDD no regrets


Slick case. Cable management is spectacular...Very happy with my decision..

Only slight con is that there isn't a lot of airflow for intake with the front of the case being solid.

Power Supply

Snagged for $100 on a one day amazon deal.. The white psu and cables look so slick and matched my white and black theme

Operating System

$5 on ebay


Very solid and respectable monitor currently use it as my second monitor


Janky software but keyboard is amazing looking


Huge upgrade from the m65 pro.. great for FPS

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