I like to game, but the only computer I had before this was an old HP. Which already had trouble running just about anything. I decided to try and build a pc. It works great and runs everything I want, I don't have any good pcs to compare it to but it works just fine for me.

Some parts wern't on the site, and were given to me. Here they are.

SADES SA 708GT Version Stereo Gaming Headset Over Ear Computer Headphone with Mic For PC/Mac/PS4/iPad 90$

MAGEGEE GK710 Keyboard/Mouse Combo for PC, USB Gaming keyboards Wired Mouse(Black) 33$

And an old NEC 32'' 60hz monitor given to me by a neighbor. I couldn't find the price but comparing it to other NEC monitors like this I'm guessing 500$

some rgb puck lights that I'm geussing are around 40$

Also some altec lansing speakers. I looked it up and they were apperently 300$, but juging by the quality I'm geussing only 45$

So in total the build is roughly 1233$. Which is a lot IMO, but you could easily make the price drop. For example, you could get a way cheaper monitor and get out of the thousands in price. And you don't neccessarily need the lights or headphones.

Yes I am currently using the motherboard instruction manual for a mouse pad XD Also please excuse my bad cable manegment.

EDIT: Accually the monitor is really just a tv but it still does the job it needs to do

Part Reviews


Great CPU that's crazy cheap. I recommend this to anyone wanting to build a light gaming PC without spending much


Great case. Kind of wish the side panel was glass and not plastic, but I could care less. Lots of vents and in the front of the case is a tinted viewpoint. To anyone thinking of getting a triple fan GPU the case might not be well suited for that but still this case is great and is cheap as well.

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  • 12 months ago
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Nice build +1

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  • 12 months ago
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How's the psu, is it loud, any problems with it?

  • 12 months ago
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PSU is great and fairly silent. No problems so far