Before you head down to reading the description, I just want to calm you all down about the prices. That's just the prices for all these parts in my country, US Dollars. They may look overpriced, but I assure you they're decently fine for their price tags in my country. Sure, this build in reality should be at least $2000, but that's the way it is, unfortunately. And another important thing to note, the price for the CPU is included with the Motherboard, RAM, and the HDD.

This is the finalized version of my first build - or practically what my build should've been from the start: And it wouldn't even had led me to this completed build being made in the first place (AKA - My First Build: Part 2) if it wasn't for the crappy PSU and Case I had before, in the link I provided. I was supposed to own the Corsair RMx 650W PSU and the 100R Case, but eventually ended with Zalman for a while.

Throughout the entire summer up to this moment there were a lot of changes in my life, which in the process this build is at last finalized. As you can tell by the last picture, I actually switched rooms with my younger brother. I'm assuming I've already mentioned in my first build that I was pursuing for music production, well, I quit that. He needed the hardware more than I am. So I wanted to get a new set of speakers system because I wanted something worth of quality, along with a gaming headset for gaming - and this is my first time using a gaming headset.

So I gave my younger brother my 500GB HDD that I had because I didn't need it (1TB seems to be enough for everything and I know how to keep my storage properly... "balanced"), and the second Monitor I used because I don't have enough space on my desk anyway, and I don't need it anymore as well. And the crappy PSU and Case (and while crappy PSU it is, it's pretty safe for his build so far). And now this build is quite of an upgraded build, too: I also gave him my Samsung 850 EVO, because the Samsung PM961 was just new in my country and was only $60+ more, and I found that deal a great bang for buck; a win-win situation for all, along with replacing to a quality budget Case and a quality PSU.

So, as the title describes, I finally got the Corsair 100R, the Case I always wanted, and although not the PSU that I wanted, the TXM series is not a disappointment either and I got it for a fair price in my country.

Hope you all enjoyed reading the description, the reviews for each part, and the look of this build!

Part Reviews


What can I say... it's the latest 1151 Socket of the i5, it's doing its job, and I've had no issues with it as of yet. Perfectly happy with it! Every i5 user should get it.

CPU Cooler

I've read some arguments about the Cooler Master and be quiet! brands, about who is being the better brand for a CPU Cooler. But this CRYORIG baby stood aside and I've had a lot of recommendations of picking that one up. The fan (I think) reflects RGB colors (specifically from my GPU - so I guess that's a cooler feature), and I've had no issues installing it.


I fell in love with ASUS the moment I got to know their products, and the TUF Mark 2 is just heart-warming and pretty - prettier than Mark 1 (just my opinion).

This pure beast of a Motherboard is my new love of life. I wish I could give it five more stars, or even 20/10.. It has all the features I opt to upgrade in the next couple of years, or for anyone else in general: SLI support, two M.2 slots, it also has four 3.0 USB ports and two USB 3.1 ports + two regular ports, and I need my USBs.

For its price, it's a little bit expensive, but this was the perfect choice in everything this thing features!


I don't know about the speed RAMs have, but 2400Mhz seems enough, and it's 16GB - you don't need more than that for an everyday gamer.


Huge read performance of 2800, along with a decent 1100 write performance. Does the job just fine and I'm glad to own it!


I've read/heard somewhere (also by research) the black version is... stronger, you can say, than the blue version of Western Digital. A bit pricey, but I need a strong HDD.

Video Card

When I saw this card for the first time, I never looked at any other cards from different brands again. I mean, I've searched for other brands, just to see how their cards look, and heard that MSI and/or EVGA are better (performance-wise?), but all the brands out there are practically the same, just different utilities and even one's decision of which brand he likes.


I'm giving this Case four starts because I anticipated too much for the cable management and left disappointed.

It's a great budget Case that anyone should own if they're on a budget. But as good as it is, it's not fitting with my components, like the Motherboard. The Motherboard blocked the CPU 8-pin path above which would've made my cable management a lot more easier, and along with some unnecessary connectors from my PSU, I had to tie all the cables down together, which wasn't easy fitting back the back side window.

Power Supply

This PSU ended the coil whine I had with my old PSU. I knew firsthand there was something wrong before I got this PSU, and it just made thing as they should've been!

This PSU doesn't disappointed: Gold Certified, semi-modular, and does the job!

Optical Drive

I have no clue for how long I've had this Optical Drive. It's one of those simple ones, I guess. It's working, but noisy.

Operating System

I easily got to handle the new Windows 10. It's working, no issues, heard it has DirectX 12 (?) and also great for games, AND a fresh start.

Wireless Network Adapter

Can't tell the difference of which wireless network adapter is better, but I guess this one does the job.

Case Fan

Bought it as an intake fan for my build. Help bring air in and stays cool. Will reuse it for my future build.


Got this Monitor about after two months since I've bought my PC.

Pros: Cheap, 1440p, 144/165Hz, and G-Sync.

Cons: Very bright and needs adjustment, but I think anyone can get used to it, low screen sharpness unless you overclock to 165Hz which adjusted some sharpness and fonts, but still not the best, and it doesn't come with the screen protector that you take off the screen, which means once you assemble the Monitor into its post MAKE SURE not to hold the screen but grab it by its sides.

Overall, this is an amazing gaming Monitor for the price - you actually get something worthy that you pay for, guaranteed!


This is my first gaming headset. I'm not even sure if I should give this five starts because I really don't know much, but while it's Sennheiser; known as one of the best audio products company in the world, it makes sound very clear when I play, and the microphone is superb! So I guess five starts it is!


I needed a new set of speaker system that is wroth of quality, and I think this was it. I've been told Logitech are great, so I simply grabbed them without hesitation. The sound is very clear, and I overall like it very much.


Long and neat! The freaking box almost made me cut the whole packaging. But in all seriousness, it's a good pad!


Nothing much to say. They're simple and they do the job.

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