First PC build and I couldn't be any happier.

I've been meaning to do this for years but always hesitated due to overall cost. Really didn't want to start with a "budget" build in the $500 range and compromise on CPU or GPU.

Funny thing is, most of the games I play are more CPU-intensive than anything (think Civ 6, Cities: Skylines, X-Plane 11), but still require dedicated graphics. For a while I was using Nvidia GeForce Now on my MacBook Pro -- a service, to be absolutely clear, that deserves a ton of praise (looking at you Google Stadia). That said, the experience of cloud gaming pales in comparison to that of having your own machine and graphics card. When you have to connect to a server to play games, you're only adding additional variables that can negatively affect your gameplay experience.

So yeah, safe to say this thing absolutely destroys Civ 6, which it should since that title is basically a digital board game. Still, I'm seeing a bunch of small details I've never seen before and the 2600x really helps speed up the turn process. I've also been playing The Witcher 3 and average 70-80 fps on Ultra settings with pre-sets on High. That game shows off the graphical capabilities of the 1660 Ti much better than Civ :)

With all the resources available today (YouTube, forums, clear instructions in the box), the build process was almost too easy. I kept waiting for something catastrophic to happen, but the only hiccup was my fat fingers constantly dropping the tiny motherboard screws when I was trying to screw them in. Annoyance / user error, but not a real problem. No compatibility issues with any components.

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It's a solid rig. Good job!