This computer has evolved a bit from its first incarnation when Skylake first came out. It was meant to be a beefy fairly futureproof thing for work mainly. I thought 8GB of ram was enough, then found that I needed moar (thank you Chrome and Excel). I thought a cheap cooler would be fine and it was until the fan started knocking. (The replacement Noctua fan is lovely though). I thought quad core would be fine, and it was when I finally delidded it last year and started running 4.8GHz. I thought a regular ole 80+ bronze PSU would be fine (except the cables wouldn't reach the 8-pin at the top of the mobo). Anyways, lots of thinking, but it all comes down to doing and seeing what works. Would love Lightroom to run faster but I don't think that's a hardware issue. Had an RX480 in it for a while, but the damn thing ate way too much power (50+watts at idle and added another 8C to my case. F-that)

Part Reviews


Great bang for buck...until Ryzen came out. 4.8GHz is nice though. Be sure to budget for a delidding tool and some liquid metal.

CPU Cooler

Cheap and cool - but my fan started getting loud about 1.5 years into owning it


Is nice. M.2, USB C, all sorts of things I don't use yet, LOL.


Overclocks to 2933. What more can I say?


Get a bigger one than you think you'll need (I'd wish I got 500GB). Very quick regardless.


Geez, HDD's aren't crappy anymore. Surprisingly fast and consistent - 220MB sustained. Don't recommend booting from it though!


It's great. I moved the rear fan to the front and let the CPU push air out the backside.

Power Supply

Ketchup and mustard. YUM! Power factor is pretty low so efficiency takes a hit but I only draw about 55-60w at idle anyways. The 8 pin cable is too short to reach top of MB unless I go over the cooler (d'oh).


Colour is great and it's so cheap. Lovely thing.


The shift labels are reversed (very confusing for the first month) and the keycaps neeeeed silicone dampers. Otherwise exceptional.


I wish the battery were replaceable. Great for my wrist though, that's why I use it.

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Is your rig directly on the carpet?

  • 32 months ago
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Yes. None of the fans draw air from the bottom so I haven't put a plank down.

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XD I'm flattered! And it's true. My other systems are tidy though.