I'll answer your question now, this has nothing to do with Transformers.

However, I took my old rig I've been using since 2012 that had a few minor upgrades along the way, such as GPU (HD 6670 to GTX 960 and new PSU) and slapped it into a new HTPC case and replaced that obnoxious amd heatsink with the Noctua one. I plan to put this out in the living room after I build my new computer this summer. So stay tuned for that :D.

Installation of the new heatsink was quiet (lol see what I did there) a pain in my side. The only way I found to install it was to apply the thermal compound, flip the board upside-down, then eyeball it until you think its lined up. Definitely could have been easier. However I was very pleased when I first booted it up how whisper quiet this machine is now.

The case, however, I have some issues with. First is the finish, seriously Silverstone, I dont want a bubble finish. I looks horrendous and I wish they would have given a better coat to the case. Secondly, the standoffs were put in for ATX boards. Personally, I think its great that they pre-install them for those using ATX boards. However, for those who are not, It is quite a pain to get them out. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see dust filters on both sides of the case, and ventilation above the GPU. Speaking of GPUs, this case was able to fit the monstrosity of a Gigabyte 960 (which i believe is 12"+ long), which made it the deciding factor in buying this case. And for its rather cramp interior, these was plenty of room to stash the cables in the corner of the case.

Overall, I am very happy with how this turned out, and I'm really looking forward to plugging this bad boy into a TV soon. :D

TL;DR: Old build into new case with new heatsink. NH-L9a is a pain in the *** to install but very quiet. Silverstone GD09B has a crappy paint finish but its the inside that counts.

EDIT 4/11/15: Added Idle/Load Temps for CPU and GPU

Part Reviews


Still going strong; Though has some problems in some of the newer games/ MMOs

CPU Cooler

Annoying installation, Great silent cooling


The more I use this, the less I want it. Having a GTX 960 covers my PCI 1x slot, which I would have liked to use for a wireless adapter. I've had problems getting some of the rear I/O to work. But you get what you pay for. Definitely find something that is more reliable.


Faster RAM is out there, but I havent had any problems with this set.


Been using it for 2.5 years, and I haven't filled half of it. Reliable and fast.

Video Card

Fast and quiet. Cant ask for much else. Runs most of my games and 40-60 fps at Max Settings.


Bubbly paint finish; Great interior design.

Power Supply

Cheap and 80+. Probably should have gotten at least Bronze but I'm not doing anything too intensive anyway. Hasn't given me a problem yet.

Optical Drive

Do people still use these?

Operating System

Even if you dont like the OS, you have to keep up to date. Windows 10 will be here soon.

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Oh yeah Kodi media center.. the best!

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Nice! Im planning to do a similar build myself in the near future.

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Hi great build i have one very similar, i have the same MOBO as you and i haven't had any problems with it. Does suck about the RAM though.

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would a slightly larger cpu cooler have interfered with the optical drive/cables? i'm considering this case and i'd like an odd and an aftermarket cpu cooler.

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Installation of the new heatsink was quiet (lol see what I did there) a pain in my side.

Boooooooo! =p

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You really need to learn how to speak proper English. Just saying.