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January Rebuild

by bucketofcrud12


I sincerely apologize for the poor picture quality. I am desperately in need of a better camera.
This is a machine intended for high FPS gaming; primarily for shooters. This machine works well for the most part. believe it or not, I still get a CPU bottleneck with this rig in titles like Battlefield 1 and V if I am targeting 144FPS. I will likely be upgrading to an 8700K or 9700K sometime in the future. overall though, this rig has held up quite well to the rigors of high-refresh gaming.
My biggest problem with the rig has been the lack of USB 2.0 headers on the motherboard. there is ONE on the whole board. seems like an oversight, but I know many boards suffer this same fate. the CPU is not delidded yet, but I did apply a dab of Conductonaut to the IHS for slightly improved temps. it still reduced the idle from about 35 C to 28 C. load temps are not exceeding 65 C under full sustained load at 5.0ghz and 1.35v. if you were wondering, yes, the GPU on the list is different than the one that is actually in the PC. I cant find this model anywhere online really, so I just used that one as a placeholder. The P350X is a solid budget chassis, but to be completely frank, its not great. there are obvious cost-cutting features about this case, such as the integrated (and consequently) non-removable PSU shroud. there are not cable grommets for the 24-pin on the case, leading to a less-nice look. overall, the case feels tight, but the uniform design does help in maintaining a clean aesthetic. The motherboard is quite nice despite its non-RGB design. it has a respectable 11-phase power design that trumps most of the flashy Asus boards for this chipset. back panel I/O is sufficient. case airflow is decent. overall, its been a nice build.

Part Reviews


pretty good for nearly all games when overclocked, but in certain games at high refreshes, you do get frame drops due to 100% utilization. still, a great value in the realm of high-FPS gaming.

CPU Cooler

cooling is pretty good, though I do need to complain about the stiffness of the tubes. they are REALLY hard to bend into the shapes and places you want them to go. it makes having a clean-looking case pretty difficult. not recommended at this point due to the high cost/cooling performance and issues.

Thermal Compound

hands down, one of the best TIMs on the market. liquid metal is hard to beat.


although it lacks RGB functions or even RGB headers, its not bad for what its worth. I got this on sale for $120, which is well worth the 11-phase VRMs, double M.2 slots, armored PCIe slots and RAM dimms, and XOC power system (typical 8 pin EPS + extra 6 pin PCI board power).


great ram, stable, RGB is pretty solid with icue software. it is some really tall ram, which could be an issue with certain coolers.


price/performance when I bought this was great. these days, its not the best choice, but its still super great for a sata M.2 SSD.


good budget case, lacks a lot of premium features and feel, but overall, has what beginners would be after and a little extra.

Power Supply

solid power delivery, lots of cables for lots of stuff, great warranty. got a custom sleeved cable set to go with it, but the default cables look decent.

Operating System

Microsoft's attempt to recover from the meh-ness of windows 8 and 8.1. still not the best OS in my humble opinion, but in 2019, I dont have a lot of better choices. if you are going to be using a system completely offline and not for gaming, I would still recommend windows 7.

Wireless Network Adapter

its good for a few reasons: its cheap, it can do download speeds up to around 867mbps (in theory), and its BLACK, instead of the other green or red PCB options that may not match many build's color schemes.

Case Fan

cooling performance is pretty average, but the lighting options... let me tell you. there are so many options with these that it boggles the mind.


the PPI on this monitor is not amazing at 81-ish, but its not so bad as people claim. its still nice and large at 27", has excellent brightness at 400 nits, and the refresh of 144hz is great. to top it all off, its freesync which is great if you have an AMD graphics card, and also great with Nvidia these days since the "Freesync-compatible" driver update. also, i got this before that update and i found it extremely lucky that this was one fo the 12 "G-sync compatible" monitors that Nvidia automatically supports Freesync with in their driver. its not quite as good as a gsync monitor, but its pretty good.


if you're a keyboard-phile, this may not be for you, but its not at all bad for the $70 price tag. the keyboard body itself is really nice, but the cost-cutting part comes with the switch pegs being made of plastic. it makes the keys too wobbly for some people to like the KB very much. if you have a slightly larget budget, I would recommend the Ducky One 2


for wireless, I guess I shouldnt complain. you have loads of buttons and on-the-fly adjustable DPI. the problem is that the mouse has to be really close to the wireless receiver to get a good connection.


sound quality is very good; probably somewhere just under the Sennheiser PC37X. the place that costs were cut was with the MIC. its fine in and of itself, but it fits poorly into the headset, leading to it becoming disconnected during gameplay sometimes. I would recommend a modMIC or something like that.


these are ok, but really could be better for the price. cables maintain a cruddy bent-wrong shape even with cable combs. this is not very aesthetically pleasing. the kit also only included 24-pin combs and no PCI or EPS combs! on top of that, there are doubles in 3 of the 24-pin plug slots, which leads to having 27 cables to fit on a 24-pin comb. thanks bitfenix, but maybe change a few things next time.

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Demonkiller6811 1 point 1 month ago

not the biggest fan of those cords, looks good tho

diypartsjoy 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

I would just get cable extensions. They are a lot less money.

Twitch.SwayFN 1 point 1 month ago

rgb addict lmao

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