This was my first attempt at buying parts for and building a PC. With the help of a few friends and a lot of Youtube videos, I finally got it together.

The final build came out to approximately $1060 with the bundle savings and sales I got at MicroCenter (the place I bought all of my parts).

This build is primarily been used for games like Overwatch but I will hopefully be branching out into new PC games now that I can actually play them. Overwatch runs at a smooth 120+ fps on ultra settings on the resolution of my monitor and the CPU runs at about 65-70 degrees most of the time.

The single fan on the case is really good but I am thinking about getting another. I was unable to actually find the CPU cooler I got on Part Picker because it was actually a T4 and not a T2.

I am more than content with this build and think it is a great build for anyone looking to get a really nice PC for about $1000. Obviously, this price doesn't include the games, peripherals, and most importantly the monitor, but those can all be found for relatively cheap prices online or at places like best buy.

Let me know if you end up using my build as a guide for yours or if you build mine entirely. I'd love to hear how my build helped you out!

Part Reviews


Great CPU. Was actually going to go with the 7500 but got a better deal buying this one. Haven't overclocked it yet and don't know that I will. Nice to have the option to do so in the future if I want to though.

CPU Cooler

I actually have the T4 but that wasn't on PartPicker. The T4 is great and runs quietly and I'm sure the T2 is just as good!


Amazing motherboard. Got a package deal for $30 off with my CPU and another $30 off with my GPU. MicroCenter is actually the greatest place in the world.


Good memory, gets its job done. Planning on upgrading to 16gb in the future with 2 more of these sticks.


Excellent hard drive. Not an SSD obviously but gets the job done. Planning on buying an SSD for Windows and Chrome but would highly recommend this for saving games.

Video Card

Wonderful graphics card. Was originally going to get a low-end 1050 TI but got a SUPER crazy deal on this at MicroCenter and $30 off on my motherboard. It came overclocked too which was pretty cool.


I love this case. It's sleek, clean, and has wonderful cable management space. This case looks great on my desk and the glass panel on the side is perfect. Definitely need to get more lighting for inside the case though. Cooling system and stock fan that it comes with does the job with a great amount of air flow. Still, recommend getting at least one more fan.

Power Supply

I got this bad boy for $97.99 at MicroCenter because it was normally about $160 there and they were looking to get rid of it before the new shipment of power supplies came in. This thing is amazing. It runs quietly and it does exactly what I need it to do. The 850 watts provide me a ton of headroom for upgrading my system in the future and for adding new features like lighting and more fans.

Operating System

It's windows 10. Get a lot of memory. And buy an SSD. That's about it lol


  • 28 months ago
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Nice clean build. Good colour scheme.

  • 28 months ago
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Thanks! I agree, I really like the red black and white!

  • 28 months ago
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That case looks good, but it's a pain in the *** to build in.

Also, I like the build - very clean.

  • 28 months ago
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Thanks. Actually, the case wasn't even that bad to build in. I'm sure there are other cases that are much better but this one does its job and it wasn't too difficult to work in.

  • 27 months ago
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Looks awesome, doing similar build soon, bought everything last night. Hopefully it comes out as clean as yours haha

  • 26 months ago
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Awesome! Definitely tag your build here so I can take a look at it! Good luck!

  • 23 months ago
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Micro Center sounds like heaven lol. +1, I have the same motherboard, do you have anything with USB-C that you could test the IO to see if it supports signal to a monitor or screen of some sort?

  • 16 months ago
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Hi, I just saw this because I haven't been on in a while but unfortunately I do not have any usb type C, sorry. And yeah micro center is heaven its so amazing

  • 16 months ago
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I visited a Micro Center in Maryland recently and you can basically leave Micro Center with all the parts for a PC lol, they even had pc for display with a custom loop in action.