Mid-tier Gaming PC with a mostly Black, minimal Red aesthetic. (nevermind my peripherals)

Update 1: Swapped the 120mm Cooler Master fan on top to the included 140mm that came with the case. It's not PWM, but it's fairly quiet. Update 2: Changed the orientation of the fan on the radiator to push air through it rather than pull.

Pros: • Crushes basically all games at 1080p when overclocked. • SSD/RAM is very fast. • HDD is pretty fast, and a good amount of storage for games I play regularly, videos, music etc. • Graphics card was easily overclockable, fair price, and has RGB • Runs very cool and quiet on idle. • Runs moderately cool and not too loud under load. • Rubber grommets, raised case feet, great dust filters, and a hinged side panel make for great installation and appeal (for the most part) • No major installation problems • Pre-applied thermal paste on the CPU cooler Cons (take some of these with a grain of salt): • Graphics Card has noticeable coil whine, but hard to hear when playing games or listening to music with headphones on. • Case only has 1 extra standoff so Micro ATX boards can only be installed with 6/7 screws. (ATX boards are fine) • Included PSU cables leave some unwanted headers in view (PCIe, Molex/Floppy) • Motherboard only has 2 fan headers, and the splitter I'm using has ugly cables. • Ugly heat spreaders/covers (idk what they're called) on the motherboard, but mostly covered up by the graphics card. • The back panel was a tight fit due to my poor cable management and it left a small slit of open space near the bottom. • Thumbscrews were too heavy for my magnetic screwdriver.

Part Reviews


Solid mid-range CPU from intel. I would prefer the multithreading capabilities of a Ryzen 5, now that I've owned this i5 for about 5 months.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my CPU nice and cool, and adds light headroom for overclocking as well. Great price to performance, and I recommend this cooler for any build using a CPU with a maximum of 6 cores. For anything using 8 cores or more, I recommend the H100i from Corsair or the Kraken x52 from NZXT. Only complaint is that the manual has you set it up with the fan as exhaust, and I couldn't properly mount the fan in a "push" orientation in my case.


Micro ATX, Fits my CPU, and has a nice selection of I/O ports. Haven't noticed any problems so far, after 5 months. BIOS is mostly easy to use as well.


Fast RAM, nothing that blows me out of the water. No problems so far. Highly recommended for Intel systems, for Ryzen, I suggest DDR4-3000 or higher.


It's no NVMe, but it's a fast SSD at an amazing price-point. Highly recommend if 120GB is all the storage you need for a boot drive and a few programs. I even have Rocket League on this and it works wonderfully.


1TB, fast for a HDD, nothing super exceptional. I fit all my games comfortably on here, as well as some other programs like VLC and VEGAS Pro 14.

Video Card

It's a 1060 6GB. Idles around 27C, and peaks at around 70C, and has great headroom for some light overclocking (base clock is great). RGB is bright, and the Gigabyte software is unpolished, but very simple and easy to use.


Good case overall, no nightmares here.

Pros: Good airflow, lots of dust filters.

Cons: Acrylic panel is a dust magnet, and cable management isn't great. Not much room for top-mounted radiators. It's a bit overpriced, I would value it at ~$60.

Power Supply

Unbelievable value. Cables are thick, but blacked out. Don't like the combined sata power cables, but that's the nature of a semi-modular unit. Noticed one problem with a capacitor whining very loudly, but that's because I had a trojan-miner virus. Costs about as much as 2 of their RGB fans. :/

Case Fan

Great value. PWM, and great airflow. Only complaint it that they're pretty loud at above 60% load, everything else is very good.

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