Wanted a system that would kill any game thrown at it. Thanks to some help on Reddit I got what I wanted. At the time this was the best I could get with the budget I had, even though now I know I could build something even more powerful for the same price. But overall I'm really happy with what I ended up with.

The whole scoping out parts and learning about computer process took around 4 months of research between work and college, and was honestly really fun. And at the end of it all, I got myself an amazing computer that runs everything perfectly and damn near silently.

While I did run into a couple problems during the process, I was able to learn about/overcome them; -READ THE MANUALS -Learned not to worry and love the ram. -Learned If I had a motherboard that had an SSD slot, I should USE. IT. -Wait for sales. By the gods wait for them. -WAIT FOR SALES. There are so many amazing deals year round its incredible. -Also, try and plan around Black Friday if possible. -If the case you want has a video of its prongs and cables, make sure they aren't flimsy and hard to install. -The GPU that I have worked as well as any 1080 should, despite being pretty shady for being so cheap. -But at the same time account for space because this GPU in almost 13" long and heavy/prone to sagging. -Which means prepare for a prop/stand for your GPU. Because I didn't and made a mistake because of it. -If colors don't matter, you save a lot of money. Weigh the benefits before wasting time on aesthetics you don't really care about. Once I stopped I saved about 200-700$ -READ THE MANUALS -Ask for another pair of hands for building, especially with parts as heavy as the CPU cooler/GPU. Don't scramble around for hours when you can cut the build time to under an hour. -On that note, learn how heavy your parts are beforehand, or you'll learn the hard way. -And if for some reason someone ever follows this build, separate your ram A1 and B1 slots if you have two sticks. You will troubleshoot for 2 hours wondering why **** doesn't work, just to find a small and simple problem like this. -READ THE MANUALS -Have fun and good luck.

UPDATE 11/01/18: Cpu and motherboard died. Decided to get a much better motherboard that went beyond "passing" with rub to boot. Upgraded cpu from i7-6700k to i7-7700k. I also upgraded my m2 ssd to one that holds 2tb. This is what I would have gotten when I started had I the money. No regrets.

Part Reviews


Strong. Does what it needs to for my build. Better now with the price drop. Someone else can tell you more than me.

CPU Cooler

Silence. Absolute silence. The only problem I had was that it is quite heavy, felt like I was gonna break the motherboard, but ended up fine. It is also very big, so account for space if you want to SLI. I didn't want that so it was perfect in my book. (2 person job for assembly recommended)


For a small and slightly older motherboard, this does really well. Its cheap, has an M2 SSD slot, and is an easy setup.


Cheap ram that does exactly what it should. As long as its compatible with your mobo, I couldn't recommend it more.


Great little SSD, if looking for something with decent space at a good price.

Video Card

Long. Heavy. Cumbersome. Still a steal in my book. Got this one cheaper than any other 1080 on the market at the time and it works almost as well as the best ones. And it helps that even though its oc, you can tweak that to even higher after you get it. The only precautions you NEED to take when ordering this is making sure you have enough space on your mobo and in your case as well. We are talking almost 13" long and around 2" wide. As such with the dimensions, it is quite heavy and therefore prone to sagging and bending without proper support. Which it doesn't come with btw. So go buy some support clips or a pipe cut to size as a stand/prop for this guy, you'll need it. And for god's sake make sure your mobo has space/isn't a micro ATX like mine. While it is possible to ignore it, this GPU can be right in front of things you gotta connect to from the case. So be careful again with space management. If you do these things and remain vigilant then buying this won't be a problem. Other than that I am happy and having an amazing time with my computer thanks to this GPU.


Looks great. Quite fans an fairly decent with its custom options inside. The cords though are crazy and a mess trying to deal with. So many for the mobo are just ridiculously tiny and disconnected from each other, which makes putting it all together a huge pain. Other than that, it's ok. Does what a case should. Hold things in it.

Power Supply

It's perfect other than its cord layout seems a little unnecessary. Then again I don't have a reference point when it comes to that but it is worth mentioning. Other than that it's relatively cheap and performs as it should. Good deal.

Optical Drive

It just works.

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  • 15 months ago
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This might be a little late, but I noticed the ram sticks are right next to each other and they should be every other slot depending on the motherboard. It just makes the ram run a little slower if you use the improper slots.

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Oh man yeah I forgot i mentioned it but when I first built it I had them next to each other instead of spaced apart. That will make it so NOTHING turns on. Took two hours to realize that when I started lol.

  • 15 months ago
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But it is a nice build

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! Though now there are a lot of things I would change about this build now... If anyone wants to follow this build that's cool but I would encourage them to get a better mobo for sure. But thanks again!