Finally took the plunge and built my first PC! Extremely satisfied with the results, build went extremely smooth and had no issues. Happy I waited on buying my CPU, Kaby Lake came out days after I was contemplating finalizing my build. Motherboard is pretty expensive, but with the $30 rebate it becomes a bit more reasonable, and boy does it look nice. 16 GBs of RAM, definitely glad I went with 16, currently using around 9-10 GBs on a regular basis. Picked up a WD Blue SSD off Ebay, one being resold from the pricing error. Pretty happy with the price seeing as its M.2, which was a breeze to install. Picked up a 2TB HDD at the price of 1TB. The case looks amazing, and the preinstalled standoffs and cable management made it really easy for a first-timer. Fan controller and LEDs are a nice bonus. PSU was the deal of the build, very happy with a 650w 80+ gold at under $50. Picked up the Asus card due to price and the antenna, it's worked great. After a lot of debate, finally went AMD with the RX 480 4GB when I found this price on an OC version. System performs great, have gone from 20fps on low in League to 300 on max :). System performs well with almost anything I've thrown at it, and it is going to be my daily procrastination machine for the foreseeable future!

Part Reviews


Easy to install, Kaby Lake is great, great CPU at the price point if you aren't going to OC.


Board looks AMAZING, the LEDs are a nice touch. Very easy to install components, back I/O has all the ports necessary, and it has an M.2 slot too. Try getting it at under $100 to really justify the cost.


M.2 is amazing, very easy to install, and this drive has been doing good. I do get a bit slower Read/writes than some more mid-tier SSDs like the Samsung Evo, but it does the job.


Great mass storage drive, pretty quiet, no issues.


This case looks gorgeous, the built in LEDs and controller are great!. The fan controller is also really nice, and the 2 fans come preattached. Has plenty of room to work with, and the HDD cage at the bottom is removable, made installing the PSU and wiring a lot easier. The sound dampening material is also great, build runs pretty quiet. Came with preinstalled standoffs, and some cable management already done on the headers and such. Just an amazing case for novice builders!

Power Supply

It works, but the cables are a tad short if you install it fan up and have an ATX mobo.

Wireless Network Adapter

Great card, basically plug and play, comes with an adapter, and it performs great except for now I get consistently higher ping in games like League of Legends. I used to get 60 with ping spikes to 3000 with my laptop, now I get 60 with much more frequent spikes to 200. 200 is just enough to throw me off in game, if those spikes were eliminated or capped to closer to 140ish ms this would be the perfect card.

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  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

Wow, though isn't it a bit expensive for one game?

  • 29 months ago
  • 1 point

I do a lot of other games on it, League was just the example. It's great for mid-tier games on max settings.