Everything except the Case + Video card was purchased at Microcenter. Case off Amazon, and the GPU was a lucky Ebay find.

Currently using the stock ryzen cooler as I have yet to receive the AM4 bracket from Cryorig yet. Will update pictures when I receive it.

Part Reviews


6 Core, overclocked to 4.1 and stable. What more could you ask for, for $150.

CPU Cooler

The Bracket they send you leaves a little bit of a gap and its a bit wobbly. I just put a few rubber spacers to make it snug and it works alright. Overall, the temps are way better than the stock cooler, so 4/5.


Beautiful and easy to use Bios. Asus Aura is a little annoying to use and doesnt seem to pick up my RGB RAM.


Had some trouble getting it to run at D.O.C.P speeds, so its currently underclocked to 2933. Also couldn't get the Asus Aura to properly set the color scheme.


Fast, havent had a problem yet.


Decent 2TB drive, no problems yet.

Video Card

Fantastic, got it for a good price on Ebay. Overclocked both the core and memory speed to around +100 using the EVGA software. Runs just about everything in 2k and more than expected in 4k.


Beautiful looking case, enough space for cable management, and the attached RGB strip looks really nice.

Wireless Network Adapter

Plug and play with fast speeds.

Case Fan

Slightly difficult to Install, but not bad case fans.


Really nice looking Cables. Can never go wrong with CableMod


A perfect addition to any RGB build.

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  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

How was building in this case? I've been thinking about getting it myself.

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

Case was pretty easy to use, and the built-in fan controller is pretty nice and easy to link up with aftermarket fans. Decent amount of cable management space in the back, its a little crowded with the cablemod kit but works well enough. I would just note that the space on the bottom side of the board is a little tight so its hard to get cable through there. But that may just be my motherboard. Otherwise, I would recommend.

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

How's the airflow in the P400s? I've built one in the P300 and it was a fairly smooth build but the airflow is not that great.

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

Its a little bit better than the p300, but its still nowhere near like a meshify C or something. I got this case cause it looked cool and matched the theme I was going for. And it wasnt a bad choice overall. But I wouldn't say that the airflow is the best possible.