In October, nearing the date toward my Birthday, my father came to me and asked me what I wanted for my Birthday? Of course I told him I wanted a setup in my newly acquired room, but that wasn't good enough, he responded. He wanted me to do research on why I wanted it, what exactly I wanted, why I wanted those specific parts, and to quite literally put the setup in the room perfect with the space provided and get back to him.

After many rough drafts, and saving more and more money in the process (I had hit my goal of 3k in November) I continued to write and write, research and research, measure and measure, and post back to him as I got more and more information. As December rolled around I had just about finished and had finally gotten him to approve my build (somehow), and in the middle of December, we ordered the 21-23 items totaling roughly of about 3,100 I had saved up from 8 or 9 months of working a part-time job at the good ole' McDonalds (First job don't judge me).

After many shipping error's with Amazon and some problems with my initial chair I had decided on, you could say there we some delays. It was about the middle of January ( A whole month) for us to finally get the monitors which had sold out during the Christmas rush and finally get all the parts in one place. Then came the building stage.

My dad sat me down once all the parts had gotten there and stated because I wanted to build it with him, given that my work schedule and his didn't match well and because he wanted to do test-trials and other maybe well detailed and good minded gestures, were not well enough for my patience at that point. Me and my brother who had already made a build before went down in the Basement and built it over the course of 2 or 3 days, which, after some complications with the final wiring and Graphics card issues, need final help from my dad. All in all it wasn't until the middle of February until the entire Pc itself was built and sitting on the table in front of me. And thus came the final stage.

A week and a half long gesture of pulling everything out of the room, taking final measurements, installing the Television to the wall-mount on the wall, creating the desk and chair, installing a wall shelve and finally doing the wiring. It was February the 22nd when I finally got to finish the entire thing up and turn it on with completed build and big grin on my face non-the-less.

I overall enjoyed the 5th month long concept to reality transition and the experience I got to have from bringing it downstairs and being left with nothing more than parts and some guides. I defiantly enjoy the computer and can't put enough value from it compared to 2007 Acer Laptop I used to use.

In Conclusion If I could change anything about the Setup, it would probably be the Mouse-pad, which, due to my impatience and the availability of stock after Christmas, had to go with the Cloth version of the Razer Firefly. It gets dirty decently easy and I would of overall enjoyed the hard-pad better.

If you want information actually pertaining to the build and want in depth (actually way way too much depth) into why I chose these specific parts I will link a google drive folder I will share to anyone with the link; it will have all the images, graphs, and documents I had to type up over 5 months and will co-inside with the physical copies I keep.

Thanks for just reading through, I'll keep you all posted with any more notes or information/updates I can and don't mind answering any of you're questions below!

Link to the google drive folder containing any and all info needed for the build: [Most of the work was either done in Open Office or the Google Office suite, given it's all I had at the time]

[EDIT] : 8/6/19 - Updating the product reviews and adding a quick summary of what has changed

Ended up getting rid of that mousepad, as I had initially thought it really really sucked. The cloth rolled up on the edges of the mousepad and within a year it was completely toasted. Do not buy the razer firefly. In fact, do not make the mistake most people make on their first setup, don't buy razer peripherals. Ended up replacing my Keyboard, Mousepad, and Mouse with their respective and expensive Logitech counterparts, and I'm very happy with them. I also ended up finding out that when you have a computer as beefy as mine, you tend to stop doing the other little things you used to do before you had it, so if I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have included the Xbox 360 in my setup, and I wouldn't have run the cable box to hook into my TV.

Part Reviews


This CPU has stood the test of time and has given me more than I can ask from it. No stupid glitches and still runs games smoothly and effortlessly. I couldn't be more happy with this CPU.

CPU Cooler

Great Liquid cooler, popular, must buy for any and all low to high end builds. Only complaints would be how rigid and stiff the tubing is and how because of which, you can only install it to the back of the case, closest to the motherboard as the tubing isn't bendable.


Great motherboard, good compat, no issues thus far. Great BIOS support and easy to use interface. Enough said.


RAM has given me many issues in the past, It tends to have some sort of hardware issue with the motherboard, and will sometimes just virtually disconnect from the motherboard? Meaning that every 3 or 4 months I'll have to climb down and keep plugging in the RAM and unplugging it until the motherboard even registers that it exists. Don't have this issue with other types of RAM and I wish that it wasn't so occasionally buggy.


Beautiful SSD. Boot on and off in no less than 10-12 seconds, great for quickly jumping on and off you're computer at night or in any situation permitting.


I bought two of these things and when installing it we effortlessly broke the terminal on the bottom of it which connects the wire to the motherboard. Meaning even though I bought 2TB of storage, I only get 1TB, which makes the computer feel a little crowded sometimes. You can definitely buy this, just be careful when installing it.

Video Card

The cooling pipes stretched the distance we needed to reach the front of the case (big concern for my dad), for the extra few bucks you can get yourself something that will last a long time, keeps up with increasing industry standards, and looks great in you're case!


Front panel was a tad bit difficult to take off and continues to be a trick every time I need to clean it, cables were put in a bit in a messy order and stored in a little baggy in the front when we opened it (Made for issues during wiring time). All and all though it has excellent fan support, great to look at, and has tons and tons of support for any kind of build you may be looking for.

Power Supply

Excellent for the price, great wattage, no issues with with any cables/wiring or buttons. Is serving it's use just great and I have no worries that it will be a problem in the future.

Wireless Network Adapter

Went with a little bit of a jump in performance and got the bigger edition of this TP-Link card. TP-Link has no issues with Xfinity Router's or any other as I can tell of, the antennas were easy to manage and weren't a problem in the build.


A must have for you're system. Will never go back to anything but 144 Hz and for good reason. Very very smooth response times and best definition currently on the market, the stand is adjustable in every way you could want it (even portrait if that's you're thing). Very nice, so nice I had to buy two!


Even after switching all my razer products out I still very much so recommend this razer product above all the others. I really liked the chiclet keys and thought the whole thing was really really cool. The only complaint would be that being only 16-19 when I used it, I would drink a lot of syrupy drinks, and if you get so much as a drop or two of soda or actual syrup in this thing; you are going to wish you hadn't. Since the key has such a low riding profile it practically is glued to the base of the keyboard and certain keys may become unuseable until you apply alcohol or some other type of liquid to the keys to disperse it.


Mouse sensors would get clogged with nasty stuff every week or two. Given that other than having a dusty room, I live a very neat and clean life, it was extremely aggravating. The mouse was useless when the sensor was busted and there was usually no real way to fix it other than scraping out all the debris from the sensor with a small piece of lead. If you combine this with a cloth mousepad be prepared to want to rip your hair out, because when the sensor jams, you are going to have a very pretty piece of junk sitting on your desk.


More than enough sound for my small room and bass that you can get immersed in, Sound towers are their own separate entities and makes for good sound setups (Not one big long line you don't have many options with). Fit easy enough on my medium sized desk and haven't posed a problem yet.

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  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

well done bro. hard work always pays off.

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

85$ for a laptop keyboard?? Damn

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

@xxharry ; Thank you for the response and praise :) was well worth it in the end

@Obamas.mama ; It wasn't $85 at the current time, it was somewhere around the price of $50.00 dollars for a good deal off; and as far as the commentation on it being a laptop keyboard, I would have to disagree and say that despite some laptops having chiclet keys I would have to say that the overall structure of the keyboard is sharper, better structured and much higher quality. Rubber and metal capped keyboards may be popular or may even be the norm, but that doesn't and shouldn't discredit something different :)

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

For a second there I thought it said Minecraft Money xD. But Nice Build ad nice setup. Hard work pays off. I'm currently upgrading my setup as well

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

I know you built it a while ago, but I have to say you're setup looks very professional and you I'm very impressed with all the research that you did in picking out you're parts. I'm currently looking to build a pc and go all out on it, so yours is a little inspiration. All around man, well done!