This is my first build and it will be an all purpose machine meant for gaming, programming and machine learning. Coming from a budget gaming laptop, I am pretty happy with the upgrade so far.

The GPU backplate was custom made using Dietec's video "How to make a custom GPU backplate" as a reference. I purchased the acrylic sheets, vinyl stickers and aerosol paints from Deserres. I thought hard about the backplate design, but my friend suggested that I just use my initials and it worked out perfectly.

I followed Bitwit's "How to Build a PC! Step-by-step" video while building, and if I were to do it again in this case, I would install the motherboard first, hook up all the cables and then install the CPU cooler. The Cryorig R1 is massive and having it installed early on made working in the case difficult, when the corsair 400C is already tight to begin.

The motherboard only has one RGB header and I wanted both the case fans and LED strips to be controlled by ASUS' software. To achieve this I am using a generic 2-way 4 pin led splitter (that supports 5050).


Part Reviews


Fast and hot. Make sure you have a decent cooler

CPU Cooler

This cooler is beefy, heavy, looks gorgeous and works! The packaging it comes in is very well designed. Installation instructions were easy to follow and all the tools necessary for installation were provided. Keeps my i7-7700K at 62 degrees on the stock 4.5 GHz. Perhaps not the quietest, but it is quieter than my old laptop when working


This motherboard is awesome. Every header was labelled well, and made installation easy. The limited work in the BIOS I have done has been simple. I also think the Prime series looks good.

I don't know why they include RGB accents on this board as it is barely noticeable and it doesn't do white very well.


Low profile, looks good, works well.


Blazing fast. In terms of performance, crushes any other SSD I have used. It is the nicest looking m.2 drive out there


I use this drive to store my games, and find gaming performance comparable to an SSD for most games I play. The 2.5" form factor since it is so much smaller than a 3.5" drive. The five year warranty is great as well

Video Card

Powerful. White. Also the cheapest ASUS 1070 graphics card.


This case is beautiful and compact. The door is amazing.

With the CPU cooler installed it can be tricky to access some headers on the motherboard.

You have to be smart with your cable management. Room in the back of the case is non ample.

For a premium case, I wish they provided more zip ties since you will need a lot more than provided in order to get the back panel on without bulging

Power Supply

Love the smaller form factor. It also supplies power and is quiet.

Wireless Network Adapter

Reception is solid. I love the magnetic antenna. Uses an internal USB header, which means an extra wire.

Case Fan

I was a little skeptical of these fans because they were so much cheaper than any PWM RGB fans, Well, there was no reason to be skeptical. The fans feel incredibly well built, run quietly, do a great job of moving air, and look really good.

The 3 in 1 provided an extra cable daisy chain 6 fans off of one RGB header, as well as a hub that lets you run up to 4 fans off of one fan header.

My biggest concern is the 1 year warranty, which makes me worried about how these will hold up in the long term. Only time will tell.


This is the best piece of technology I own. For productivity purposes, this monitor is awesome. The 3440x1440p resolution means that I can have three windows opened side by side (IDE, Browser + Debugger) which is awesome. The colours are sharp, the bezel is quite thin, and the slight curve to the monitor adds a great finishing touch. There is a back light bleed, however, I do not find it bothers me as I only notice it when I specifically look for it.


I have been using this mouse for two years now. I have changed the batteries once, and I was running in "performance" mode the whole time. Super comfortable. Love the side buttons which I have set to (cut, paste, undo, redo) for productivity purposes


Extremely bright. The colours look are sharp. The magnetic strips are strong enough to form a solid connection with the case.


I love this accessory! Does a great job of hiding my headphone cables, provides a place for my headphones to live while also showing them off.


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Good build. +1

after ten minutes of scrolling through the page

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Next feature right here.

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Sweet build! Looks even better in person if you can believe that. Almost makes me want to build another computer

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Color coordination is insanely clean, I used to not really like white-themed PC builds but I think I've turned...

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How are the fans holding up? I know you mentioned a one-year warranty. Having any issues?

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Hey, as I commented on another comment

Shortly after building I noticed a fan was defective which I got replaced under store warranty. Otherwise, 2 years later they seem to be performing like the first day. In Canada, at least I think they are the best value RGB fans one can buy

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Thank you for the reply!

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I made it myself! The GPU backplate was custom made using Dietec's video "How to make a custom GPU backplate" as a reference (

Total materials was about $30, and I have enough left over to make about 3 more. I want to try again to fix some of the imperfections.

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Fans are great. Good airflow and look good too. Silent at low speed however they make a noticeable noise at max RPM. Shortly after building I noticed a fan was defective which I got replaced under store warranty. Otherwise, no complaints.