This rig was created on a whim when my friend talked me into building a computer.

Everything listed is what I initially started with, aside from the motherboard/RAM and things like the fan controller and extra fans. The first motherboard I had in there was a 78LMT gigabyte board that was complete junk, but it came with the CPU and worked. I could only clock the 8320 up to 3.9Ghz before the board would overheat. And I stole some RAM out of an old PC I had in the basement (6GB 1333)

Edit: Also later replaced the stock "white" power button LED with a green LED. Was very easy to do, just popped off the front cover and pulled out the white LED. Snipped the wires and soldered the new LED wires to the old ones. (You could also just use electrical tape if you don't have a gun)

==The SSD came later, but WOW I wish I had done it sooner! I will never build a PC without leaving room for an SSD ever again. I can't ever go back! Got it on-sale at microcenter for $70

The first upgrade was of course, the motherboard/RAM. With the 990FX I can clock it up to 4.7 before it starts to become unstable. However, a little fan mounted over the MOSFETs was required to keep the temps down (in pics). Without the little fan, it would become unstable and fail Prime at 4.5Ghz. Stealing the fan off of my stock 8320 cooler and mounting it got me an extra 200Mhz :)

The Sniper series 8GB 1866 RAM came with the mobo, so that went in at the same time.

All of the cable management and sleeves came long after the build was actually created. They were purchased with an ebay coupon, so I got them for free. The total cost for the ATX motherboard sleeve, the case wire sleeves, and the GPU sleeves was over $40!! If I had to pay for that, I NEVER would have bought them haha! And of course, the GPU sleeves I bought didn't fit... so I didn't get to use those.

The green LED fans I used were cheap $10 for x2 fans I found on ebay... they work fantastic for the cost. The 3 other fan slots are filled with bitfenix spectre fans (non-pro), and they are SILENT. The two intake fans on the side are wrapped in panty hose to keep the dust out. Works great. The last spectre fan is on the rear as exhaust.

Please keep in mind that all the pics taken were done so before I installed fan filters on the side intakes, and before it was cleaned :)

It looks much nicer now, but i'm lazy! Don't judge <3

Prices explained; GPU I haggled for on craigslist. But that is a pretty normal price for that specific GPU on ebay.

Case I got on-sale at microcenter for open box, didn't come with any fan screws.

PSU also on sale at microcenter with a mail-in rebate that I did use.

Optical drive openbox/used at micro center

8GB 1866 RAM came with the motherboard as a black friday combo deal.

Drive was on sale at micro center

h100i was refurb from newegg

Windows 7 was gifted to me by a close friend, the one who talked me into building a rig. :D

Part Reviews


The 8320/8350 are the only chips worth getting if you're trying to get a performance CPU from AMD. Even if you get an average 8320 chip like I did, it is still possible to achieve 9590 speeds, as the 9590 is simply an overclocked 8300 series CPU.

That being said, the 8300 series CPUs have to be heavily over clocked to compete with the stock Intel competition. In-order to heavily over lock these chips, you first need a high quality double rad/tower cooler and a high quality board with very good cooling.

Once you buy all the extra stuff required to push these chips, you're already over the cost of buying a 4690K and a cheap board that would give you better performance than these AMD chips.

Some people argue that AMD 8300 are bargain performance chips... But from my experience, I would have got better performance for less money if I would have gotten a 4690k.

However, because I bought an 8300 series chip for my first build I was forced to do extra research, extra tinkering, and experience countless headaches... Because of this, I've learned VERY much and am a damn near expert compared to what I was before I started. The amount of extra work that comes with AMD CPUs was a great learning experience for me, and it sure is fun trying to push these little ********. I would definitely recommend these chips to be used as a learning experience... But if you're trying to get the best bang for your buck, look somewhere else.

CPU Cooler

As far as double 240mm AIO coolers go, this thing is powerful. If I set it to "default" fan curve it keeps my 8320 @4.7ghz under 40c at load. If cooling is your main concern, the h100i will meet your demands.

But, the noise even at "default" is ABSURD. The stock fans are extremely powerful, but the noise is also overpowering. Because of this, I've had to create my own fan curve that is much lower than the "quiet" setting. Even with fan RPMs <1200 the fans are louder than anything else in the case. It CAN be silent, I've put the fan speed to 400RPM at idle and it keeps my CPU around 30 at idle. Once it starts heating up I allow the fans to go to 1200RPM and at full load the CPU hovers 65-70C. 1200RPM on the stock fans is still LOUD.

8320 @4.7 4stars because GREAT performance but super loud..


A 990FX board with BEEFY heatsinks is a literal MUST for overclocking 8300 series CPUs. This board allowed me to push my 8320 to 4.5ghz on water. I added a fan to the NB/mosfet heat sink and I got an extra 200mhz up to 4.7ghz.

Be sure that the NB/mosfet heat sink gets direct airflow for best performance.

Its got a graphical BIOS, so if you don't know what that is look it up and be sure you're all right with it. 5star rating because I've had ZERO issues with this board... Its very nice and looks great too.


RAM is RAM. This RAM came free with my MOBO and works great. Looks great as well... Will eventually be buying another 8GB set.

One star deducted for crazy tall heatspreader.


Works great and does the job. Right there with the WD blue 1tb.

Video Card

Picked this up used. Cannot over clock this card hardly at all without modifying its BIOS.

Stock speed is 1000mhz, I got it to 1030mhz before it crashes. Need to be able to add power but the card is locked. The cooler is fully capable for more...

3 stars for locked OC. Also doesn't have nearly as much tech as a NVIDIA card (physx, hairworks, etc) Most likely won't buy another AMD gpu again.


This case is amazing for a medium build. Plenty room for cable management and or custom loop cooling. I've got room for an extra GPU if I do so desire. 3 drive slots on the front. Plenty 3.5 slots on the inside, and it has great airflow. Support for 240/280mm rads and its even got built in fan filters. However, you will have to supply your own filters for the side intakes... Pantyhoes work fine.

Sturdy construction, and easy to pop off the front panel for cleaning or other work. I plan on keeping this case indefinitely. I dont see any reason to change!

Power Supply

Powers my 8320 @4.7ghz and 280x without issue. Had no problems yet!

Fan Controller

Fantastic. Looks great and has multiple LED colors.

Can supply 1w per channel which is WAY more than the "fancy" fan controllers. Others I was looking at were .15w per channel

One star deducted because you can't turn fans "off".. The lowest setting is %20 power.

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  • 57 months ago
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Nice work.

Looks good.

  • 57 months ago
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  • 57 months ago
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I think your mosfet weren't cooling properly because... of the watercooling. Where there once was supposed to be an heatsink and a fan now lies a plate and tubes that do nothing to cool the surroundings of the CPU. Mosfets rely on the cpu cooling to get the heat away, hence your' extra ghetto fan (that I like).

You've done a good job finding bargains!

  • 57 months ago
  • 1 point

Yea I touched on that in the reviews :D

And thanks! Patience is key when bargain hunting! I had parts laying around for awhile before I had everything I needed.

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  • 29 months ago
  • 1 point

was this made before ryzen?

btw love your mining rigs

  • 29 months ago
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Yes, long before. Thanks!

  • 57 months ago
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Can it run high-end games at Ultra 50+fps?

  • 56 months ago
  • 1 point

Depends on the game and resolution. Runs BF4 on ultra 50+ FPS all day, but it struggles on games like titanfall and wolfenstein.

Most of the time I play on a mix of high-ultra settings to get max quality while still staying close to 60FPS. I'm very happy with the performance I get for the amount of money I spent.

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  • 57 months ago
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In response to your added edit... I've used quite a bit of those compressed air cans and they don't do squat. Waste of money entirely, don't even know why you'd recommend one.

But, I've added a picture of what it looks like all cleaned up... just for you.

  • 57 months ago
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i recommend you buying this:

Its a electric duster not a vacuum and it works great.

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[comment deleted]
  • 57 months ago
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It's my fault for not putting in the effort haha xD

Thanks for the tip, I will try that next time. Oh, and I'll post a review for everything in the build eventually. But the windforce is silent (under my h100i), but thats only because I lowered the fan curve and let the temps get up to 65+.

If you let it spin up past 50% its quite noticeable

  • 57 months ago
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I added reviews! :o

  • 55 months ago
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Hi, nice build by the way!!!! But I was wondering how the motherboard is working?? Any flaws or gripes you have with it????

  • 57 months ago
  • 1 point

Haha It has to be an optical illusion or something. I was confused by your comment so I looked at the pics to see what you were talking about, and GOOD LORD I found it instantly! It looks absolutely nothing like that when the case is open I swear xD

Not sure what happened in the pic there! I'll eventually add some pics of what it looks like now, without the dust

Edit: And I looked inside the PSU, I didn't see any "dust monsters" :P Seems the built in PSU fan filter of the 300R is doing its job!

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