Hi guys. This is my 2nd build since the P4 era. My main rig (i7 haswell, ITX) will be published in coming days as I am waiting for an accessory. This is a budget build and most of the purchases have discounts, coupons, rebates except for the ram and mobo. As ram prices are still high. So lets get it on. Prices are in CAD.

CPU: I need a low, efficient, cpu. Intel haswell platform is undoubtedly the most efficient. i was thinking of getting an i3-4130 as recommended in toms hardware best cpu for the money. But the i3-4150 which is a haswell refresh was on sale for $119 which is the same price with an i3-4130. Snappy and low heat. The included cpu fan is crap.

MB: The Gigabyte GA-B85N PHOENIX-WIFI is the original motherboard of my first build. I need badly a mobo at that time with a wifi and this was the best I could find at that time. I must say i was regretting it when I got best deal on a Asus H97I-PLUS ITX for just $70. I removed the wifi in this board and installed it on my main rig Asus H97I-PLUS. Orange LED is turned on this board. BIOS is decent compared with Asus.

RAM: I could not find a great deal on RAM at that time so I just went to a 4gb. It is running on 1600Mhz as limitation of the B85 chipset. CL10 is the timing. tried changing the timings to CL9 but got errors in Memtest.

Storage: Sandisk Extreme II was on sale for $70 so I got it for this build. Comes with 5yr warranty and it is using Marvell controller and MLC Nand. 120GB is enough as I can add another HDD for data. If you want the fastest on this model, get the 240GB like in my main rig. The system is snappy with an SSD.

Case: This was a hard decision. I was looking for an elegant minimalistic looking case. I'm not fan of aggressive looking cases as you will also on my main rig that I will publish in tomorrow. My first choice were silverstone itx cases. Then one day I stumbled on a $90 rosewill case that was on sale in newegg. Original price is $120. I found out it is a Jonsbo case rebadged by rosewill. The case was nice. Fingerprint is almost non existent compared to black aluminum cases and the window is great for showing the inside. Caution though as it is hard to manage the wires and there are some sharp edges inside the case unlike my inwin 901. It is very light without the PSU.

Power Supply: Need badly a modular for this case so I got the CX with rebate. This is a basic PSU with modular cables. I could have gone to higher end models or brands but for the function of the PC, the PSU is enough for the task.

There you have it. Look at the pictures to appreciate. Thanks and come back for my post on my main rig.

Idle temp of cpu: 34-37C Full Load temp: 55-60C


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+1 for a budget rig - whens the main pc getting posted? I also have the 901 and would like to see how you put yours together :)

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Hi. I was very busy lately. Glad you like my HTPC build.

As for the main rig, I posted it right now and just waiting for mod to approve it. Please come back and see my main rig. As for your build, I suggest add white led inside to highlight the blue colors. Wait also for the gtx960 for power efficiency and less heat. Thanks!