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ROG & Corsair

by TheAzurya0037


This PC will be for gaming, streaming, recording, video editing and every day use. :) If you want to know more about the components, I recommend you go see in the parts review section. I would like to know what you guys think about this build, the cable managing, and if you want more pictures just ask it in the comments.

Part Reviews


Very nice CPU, it has great overclocking limits and is very cool. I am able to reach 4.7Ghz, with 1.3v core voltage without any boot or stability issues. At idle, it's around 26-30°C, and at full load, (running Assassin's Creed Unity 1080p, 144Hz, Ultra settings, TXAA, nVidia Smooth Shadows) it reached a 56°C max. I really don't see any cons.

CPU Cooler

It's a pretty good CPU cooler, it has nice cooling features and the SP120L included fans are just great... But I used to have a Corsair H100i, and I'm pretty used to the Corsair Link, I think that the H105 misses the Corsair Link feature and I couldn't monitor and change the settings of it. But, it offers a slightly better cooling then the H100i. PS: I use my H105 in push-pull configuration. ++: It's very quiet :)

Thermal Compound

Great quality, great price. If you want better cooling performance, don't hesitate taking the included thermal compound off and replacing it with this. It bringed the temperature down by 3°C.


Sure, it's the coolest piece in this build, or maybe not considering the GTX 980 Matrix. It's a very beautiful motherboard, and it offers very good performance. In the UEFI BIOS, there is the Mouse/Keyboard support, which is very nice. Also in the UEFI BIOS, in advanced mode (by pressing F7) there is alot of overclocking feature, some of them are too specific and I don't even have an idea of what is it for, but for the part I understand, I think it's very well done. On the motherboard, there is alot of keys to make your overclocking experience easier, or safer. Cons, alot of driver issues, needs alot of update.


It's so beautiful -! But except the beauty, the RAM is very fast and in my case, the overclock can easily reach 3800Mhz.

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this-is-MY-BOOMSTICK 2 points 49 months ago

This build is scarily good! I am curious though... why the two SSDs? And why an EVO instead of a Pro for the boot drive/essential programmes? they are minor things though, this thing looks like it could knock out Cthulhu with little effort. Awesome set-up!

TheAzurya0037 submitter 2 Builds 0 points 49 months ago

I put my OS on the Corsair Force GS SDD, and the Samsung EVO is only for practical programs. (Games)

this-is-MY-BOOMSTICK 1 point 49 months ago

ah, that makes sense. awesome build all the same!

InsaneGuy437 2 points 39 months ago

What fps do you get in games?

matcontra 1 Build 1 point 49 months ago

Sick build!!!!

TheAzurya0037 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 49 months ago

Thanks :)

ItsCanada 1 point 49 months ago

Hows that monitor? :)

TheAzurya0037 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 49 months ago

Pure Greatness. Wow image. Such colours. Much love for it. :) I wish you understand.

Jobforabutcher 1 Build 1 point 48 months ago

Ditch the 105, get the XSPC ex240/280 kit. Best investment I made switching from an AIO to a full custom setup. Computer will be a ton quieter under load.

Be very nice when you stream so your mic won't pick up fan noise.

Otherwise very well class. Add another 980 and it will be golden :)

TheAzurya0037 submitter 2 Builds 2 points 48 months ago

I plan on an upgrade with a 5960X and tri-980 and then i'll do a custom watercooling loop. Thanks for the advice.

geogeodude 1 point 48 months ago

That Matrix card, it's not the best value, but you've gotta admit that it's seriously sexy. +1

TheAzurya0037 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 48 months ago

that's true, but it has very good overclock limits