This build was not built at the time of posting, but was actually built around Christmas 2016. I decided I would post it now, to provide possible insight for anyone looking to build a budget system. I realize if I were to build it now, I could have went with the G4560/RX 270 and possibly changed a few things up, but at the time, it all worked out for me and I'm pleased with it all.

I built this intending for it to be used for gaming, and it's done pretty well. Most newer games can be turned up to high/ultra 1080p for around 60fps (with some tweaking). Older and less demanding titles prove to be no issue for this build. It's a lot better than the laptop I was using previously when it comes to pretty much everything. All parts were purchased from Amazon, except the motherboard and GPU, which were from DirectCanada's website and a Memory Express store respectively.

Now, the parts.

CPU - Intel Core i3-6100

The CPU has done pretty well for me. I chose the i3-6100 as the socket would provide me with an upgrade path for a new CPU, and also would do pretty well for most of the tasks I was planning on using it for. The one thing that bothered me was the CPU cooler installation, as it took lots of struggling to get all four pins to fit in the motherboard. I'm not sure if this was a motherboard issue or a CPU cooler issue, but it ended up working out. Temperatures while gaming stay pretty low, and there's been no issues with throttling/crashing. The i3 hasn't had any issues with day to day web browsing, and gaming hasn't proven to be too much of an issue, despite not being quad-core.


The motherboard is everything I needed. The two RAM slots keep a RAM upgrade to 16GB a possibility, and the small form factor meant I could go with a smaller case. The BIOS and installation was painless (except the small CPU cooler issue mentioned in the CPU section).

MEMORY - Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB

8GB has done well for me. No issues with speed or performance in any games/programs whatsoever. Very happy with the RAM.

STORAGE - Patriot Torch LE 240GB SSD

The SSD is so much better than the laptop HDD I was using before. Fast boot times, fast game load times, good read/write speeds, and 240GB seems to be just enough and some more for myself. Not sure how reliable the SSD will be over time, but for the time I've had it, it's done well. Once you get an SSD, you'll never want to go back to a HDD.

GPU - Asus GTX 1050 Ti

The GTX 1050 Ti has done well for me. The fan is nice and quiet, and performance has been as expected. The Asus OC software has not been too terrible, and the different profiles are easy to switch to. I do realize that if I got an RX 470 instead, I would be getting better performance for the money, but at the time of the build, the availability of either card, my budget, and considering the prices in Canada, the 1050 Ti was not a bad choice.

CASE - Rosewill SRM-01 MicroATX Mini Tower

This case is very good for the price I got it for (CDN$22.49.) The build quality is not bad, and the metal is pretty sturdy. The case itself is not heavy, and the front panel I/O is not bad. The headphone jack is terrible though, with poor quality and lots of static, so I plug my headphones into the motherboard instead. Cable management is not too bad, but the only good place to hide extra cables is the optical drive bay, which would prove troublesome if I had a CD drive installed. My cable management didn't take too much effort, and is a lot cleaner than how it was when I first got everything running. I'm pleased with the aesthetics and the features this case does provide for such a low price.

PSU - EVGA 500W 80+

The power supply does what it should. It powers everything. The PSU itself is sturdy and obviously high quality, but the non-modular cables are not the most visually appealing. On a non-windowed case though, the aesthetics don't matter as much. The fan is very quiet, and the power is stable and I haven't had any issues whatsoever.

WI-FI CARD - TP-Link 150mbps PCI-Express x1

The Wi-Fi card is not too bad. The connection is very stable and has never disconnected or gone offline for me once. However, the speeds could be better. With a 150/15 internet connection, I consistently get 30/15, with the distance from the router not being very far. My phone gets a 140/15 connection at the same location in comparison (iPhone 6s.) I would like if the card also supported 5GHz connections, as it only supports 2.4GHz. However, for the price and stability, the card hasn't done too bad.


To end it all off, the build is meeting my needs very well, and I don't plan on making any upgrades for quite awhile. I'm very pleased with the quality and reliability of the parts I chose, and performance has exceeded my expectations.

Part Reviews


Good price-performance ratio, and is great for casual use and gaming on a budget. Shouldn't bottleneck a midrange GPU (depends on if a game is CPU-intensive, but generally shouldn't be an issue). Good temperatures and performs efficiently.


No HDMI is a small issue for people who aren't using a GPU, but other than that, this motherboard provides everything to get a system up and running and won't prove to be troublesome at a budget.


Good RAM. Works well, pretty good looking, and hasn't given me any issues.


It's a great budget SSD it seems. The read/write speeds aren't up to par for the more expensive SSDs, but compared to using an HDD, this is much faster. Reliability may be questionable for some, but for me, it's done well over the past 3-4 months.

Video Card

Stays cool and quiet, and gives the performance expected for a 1050 Ti. Asus' included OC software is also not too shabby.


Great case for the money. For all the negatives, the front panel headphone jack is trash (bad quality, static), doesn't have the best cable management, the PSU is top mounted, and the metal isn't the highest quality, but at the price point, it's unbeatable in aesthetics and build quality. The metal isn't too flimsy and doesn't have any sharp edges. The front panel USB ports and power button work as expected. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a cheap case that'll fit everything and also work fairly well.

Power Supply

Great PSU. High quality, quiet fan. Don't like the exposed cable look though, but as a PSU in a non-windowed case, there's no issues.

Wireless Network Adapter

The stability is great, but speeds not so much. With a 150/15 connection, I consistently get 30/15, while my phone gets 140/15 in the same spot. I also wished it was compatible with 5GHz connections. For a card being advertised to hit 150mbps speeds, I am not satisfied with the speeds I am getting. Stability's fine, though. I would recommend getting a higher quality, more expensive Wi-Fi card.

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  • 38 months ago
  • 4 points

Everyone will have varying opinions on what you should have bought or shouldn't have. But I'll tell you, if it works for you, then you did good. I'm always happy when more people build their own pc than just buy a console. Your parts aren't bad, and like you said it gives you upgrade options later. Just tidy up those cables (Messy cables actually restrict some airflow) and your set.

  • 38 months ago
  • 2 points

I realize if I were to build it now, I could have went with the G4560/RX 270 and possibly changed a few things up, but at the time, it all worked out for me and I'm pleased with it all.

Yea, in the past you didn't know if the 7th gen intel CPUs were going to be a disaster or bang for the buck chips. You did well, boy. At least you have hyperthreading!

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey does the 1050 ti have any lights on it?

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point


  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

Hello what do you think about this build. This will be my first gaming PC build. Since I'm on a budget I chose these cheap parts. I'm hesitant to buy it for now, and will wait a few weeks before making my final purchase.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

Looks good, however the motherboard may look a little bit out of place in a mid tower case, though this is only an aesthetics concern.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for feedback! This is my first build so I don't want to buy a wrong motherboard which can't fit my case lol brought everything now I only need the GPU (1050ti). Is there any difference between the 1050ti's ? Or should I just get the cheapest?

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

There is the difference in clock speeds, however get the one that you like the looks of, and is a 1050ti that fits in your case.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks all is good checked everything. What is your experience with the wi-fi you brought? How does it work with games like dota2, cs;go, overwatch etc.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

My wifi is xfinity, it really depends on who your connection is from, I get like 25 ping on average.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

You may want to change your "bunny ears" from the WiFi card to on the X axis and the Y axis.