This box sits under my living room PC and I use it mainly for gaming from the couch.

Booting is very fast with the Samsung 950 PRO. After the boot options is optimized in UEFI (only loading necessary devices during boot, remove boot delays, etc.) it boots into Windows 10 and then automatically into Steam Big Picture Mode in 15-20 seconds.

1080p game play performance is good enough for me. I can play Rise of the Tomb Raider at near-Ultra settings at 60fps. That is the most demanding game I have in my library now, so I am happy with it. The CPU is overkill for gaming, because I will also edit short clips of 4k videos on this. Overall, very happy.

(Some parts seem out of place because this started as an upgrade of my old PC. The DDR3-1600 RAM is quite slow, and the board actually accepts up to 3200 MHz memory. The WD Blue drive is also from the old build. It holds my Windows 10 install before being cloned to the Samsung SSD, and I just hadn't got around to remove it yet. It also happens to be a slow 5400RPM drive, which is recommended for the RVZ01 case because it will get very low ventilation if any. )


Not much. - I don't think I want the smaller RVZ02, because I just don't like the design and I also think RVZ01 has better ventilation. - I might add a slim DVD drive as there is a bay for it, but I haven't find the need yet. These slim drives are also pretty expensive, and some doesn't come with the cables required because it is expected they will go into a laptop which doesn't require cables to connect to motherboard. - There is a room for another 120m fan below the graphics card, and I might add that. The card currently goes up to 80 C under heavy load (Valley Benchmark) and I would like to see it a bit lower if possible. - A larger capacity SSD would be nice, but the 512GB Samsung 950 PRO is just too expensive at this point. - A motherboard with USB Type C would also be nice.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

I did not plan on getting at first. I forgot to order the recommended Silverstone NT06-PRO cooler with the RVZ01 case, and didn't want to wait another 3-4 days for it so I scour for any other suitable low-profile cooler. I couldn't find the Cryorig C1, Zalman, or Corsair H55, so ended up with the Thermalright AXP-100 Muscle. In the end, I am quite happy with it. It is so small that the stock fan that comes with the case still fits above it, and the CPU temp only goes up to 53 C under load. (no OC)


This motherboard is very nice. The M.2 slot is useful, as much because it allows faster SSD as it also cuts down on cables required. (The board detects, and was able to boot off the M.2 SSD right out of the box, without BIOS update) The built-in WiFi and Bluetooth works well. The Intel I218-V NIC is a solid performer. There are plenty of USB ports (3.0 and 2.0) and Asus UEFI / AI Suite software allows plenty of customization.


Just. Get. It.

Blazing fast. I got this instead of 850 EVO with double the capacity. I had my doubt before the first boot, but after that I realize it was the right choice.

Video Card

This must be one of the most affordable GTX 970 card around. It is also small and fits easily in the case without even a doubt at any point in time. Solid Performer.


The case has good ventilation with the two 120m fans that come with it. I had quite a challenge fitting stuffs and cables around the PSU, and hope it is easier. But otherwise the Silverstone RVZ01 is just what I wanted: Small, cool, quiet, understated. I find the blue LEDs a little too bright for sitting under the TV, but that is very minor annoyance.

Power Supply

I'm not very happy with the 8pin CPU power cable, as the 4+4 pin side tends to work itself loose. I had to reconnect it a few time during the build, when I inadvertently knocked it off while trying to connect other cables. Otherwise, all is well.


Very convenient from the cough. It is light and works well. The keys are cramped, as expected. Also, I wish it has PrtScn key.


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I found your GTX 970 for used in my city! Should i take it? It's priced at $202.40 in here

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