Keeping this short and sweet because I know all everyone cares about are the pictures lol. Over the winter I had decided to finally build my first PC from the ground up instead of continuing to customizing prebuilt ones. The main use for it would be for my, hopefully one day full time, editing work and occasional free time gaming. Bought and built in Jan of this year with the exception of the GPU with was just purchased and installed this week along with a new power supply to support the upgrade from my ancient HD4670. I scavenged and reused many of the parts from my previous PC's which, along with getting a killer deal on the GPU, really helped keep the price down. The only thing I would still possibly do would be upgrading the HDD's for increased storage and speed, but, being as I work mostly from externals provided by clients, I don't see that happening anytime soon unless I were to have a drive fail. All in all, I'm very pleased with how its turned out and hope you guys think so too.

Edit: Added new pictures, sorry for the quality though as I know they're not the best. Edit 2: Decided to just go ahead and purchase two new drives as I finally decided to jump on the SSD bandwagon.

Part Reviews


Blasts though even the most demanding renders as well as allowing me to max out any CPU specific options in any game I play.

CPU Cooler

Wanted to stick to a air-cooler and this one definitely performs above and beyond my expectations. Keeps my temps on all 6 cores very cool no matter the load on the CPU. Never has the CPU ever thermally throttled.


Has every kind of connectivity I could hope with more to spare. Has yet to cause any issues operating any of my components. Only thing I would have liked would be more fan headers, though 4 has been working fine for me so far.


They're fast, match my color scheme, and were purchased for a great price so nothing but good things to say about this ram and would definitely recommend them to anyone.


Might not be the most high end SSD out there, but its fast enough while having plenty of enough space for my OS and media programs. Will update if needed.


Has lasted me over 10 years, only recently stating to give me read errors, so I can't really complain and have definitely gotten my moneys worth.


In terms of satisfaction, it's exactly the same as my smaller 250GB, yet has not started to give me any errors. Only minor gripe is that it is noticeably the loudest drive I have.


To new to really have an opinion on it, but going by other reviews I'm sure it won't disappoint.

Video Card

Absolutely amazing and have nothing but good things to say about it. Stays ice cold,figuratively lol but one could always dream, during most activities and only rises about 20C while doing anything GPU intensive. The AIO liquid cooler keeps it lower than my CPU and, despite the radiator being mounted at the top of my case, only slightly audible at high loads. Also, the only non all black card that perfectly matched my color scheme.


What can I say, it has a big window, is mostly metal, and has enough space and mounting positions that I know to do with. Being that has so much space it allows me to keep everything very neat and with enough space between everything to maintain high airflow. And keeping everything tidy and cooling potential of the case was one of the most important aspects I was looking for when picking a case.

Optical Drive

Get the job done whenever needed and is still going 7 years strong.

Operating System

Really just Windows 7 2.0 so not much more I could hope for, and was free so I can't really complain about anything.


Basic keyboard that works well for all my typing needs with really nothing negative to say about it.


Received with my keyboard as a bundle and has served me well to this day.

External Storage

Super lightweight and slim, and, even after about 5 years of heavy usage, is still spinning without skipping a beat.

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This is the longest time i have not seen comment on a build. wish a jipster-like person is back. geeky? to jus say things.... great build!

PS perhaps everyone was just celerbrating back to the future

PPS or my comment display isn't working

  • 43 months ago
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Thanks lol but I was kinda surprised that no one was commenting anything. I thought maybe I just did that bad of a job with my choices and description. Oh and sorry for taking so long to say thanks.

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how'd you get free OS?

  • 43 months ago
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I joined the Windows 10 Insider program which was free and became official Windows when it was released.

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