Built this machine mainly for PC gaming. Everything went very smoothly considering this was the first time I've ever tried building a PC, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I got started. I followed Newegg's building a PC video guide, which helped tremendously in walking me through everything. One piece of advice that I got from the building process is to always check cooler and GPU space compatibility if you have the option to put the CPU cooler whichever direction you want, because in certain orientations, the GPU won't be able to fit in the suggested PCIe slot on the mobo.

Part Reviews


Great looking mATX board, with a black and red color scheme.


Probably the best in the market for an mATX, low profile build. There's no fancy lights or sci-fi like logos, just sleek black minimalism. If you're not a fan of showy cases, and want to go with something more minimalist/clean, then this is the case for you.

Also, the chassis has superb sound proofing. I literally cannot tell when my PC is asleep or awake because I never heard the fans running.


Best looking 24" 1440p monitor that can support 144fps in games. I love the clean and minimal design of the monitor, from the screen to the stand. Only reason that it's 4 stars is because it's a TN panel (I prefer IPS), and the factory settings leave a lot to be desired. Picture quality improves a lot once properly calibrated, though.

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  • 36 months ago
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Great choice of parts! How did everything fit inside? More pics please! Thank you. Also, great choice in mouse, best mice ever