This is my second build, the only performance upgrade would be the x62, but other than that, everything is just aesthetic upgrades. I added a few pictures of my old setup at the end for comparison.

What went well:

The h500i is amazing with cable management

Installing the x62 was ridiculously easy

The overall build went really well (besides this one thing...)

What didn't go well:

The only thing that I had difficulty with was the CableMod gpu bracket. I got the displayport and hdmi kit. The hdmi worked perfectly, but the displayport didn't. So I got everything all nice and neat, plug it in, and nothing. It was 3 a.m. and I had already went this far, and I wasn't gonna let a faulty displayport cable **** block me. So I cut into one of the expansion slots and put in my working displayport cable. Turn on the pc, and would you look at that, it works. Since you can't even see the cut without looking directly from the back, it was worth it to cut it because of how my pc is placed on my desk.

What almost didn't go well:

I put a few pictures of how much clearance my gpu is to the x62. Yeah, close one.

My thoughts on all the parts

Cpu: The best bang-for-your buck cpu out there. It turbos to 4.2Ghz with no problem at all.

Cpu cooler: Super quiet, and the infinity mirror sells it. I could stare at it all day. (Realistically like 30mins without getting bored). At idle, the fans are at 550-650 RPM and keep my cpu at ~27°C. I haven't done a full cpu stress test, but I did play a few games with NZXT CAM open. After 2 hours of playing R6, the max temperature that I hit was ~62°C. Great looking cooler and great performance.

Mobo: It has 3 usb 2.0 connectors, saved me from buying an adapter. The rgb is not the brightest, but is accurate. It has a 12V rgb connector, thats a plus. And is aesthetically pleasing. It's a Z270 mobo, so it supports overclocking. It comes with an sli bridge, 8 sata ports, 2 ultra m.2 slots, 2 reinforced pci-e slots, plus the big white 'X' on it.

Ram: Cheap, but not that type of cheap. It boosts itself to 2400Mhz and is not ugly. And is low profile. It's just normal ram.

Storage: SSD for windows, HDD for games, school, and files. The HDD is quiet, but not the fastest. Nonetheless, it's still reliable. And great for game storage.

Gpu: The best looking 1060 6gb around. It's got accurate RGB, plus supporting Aura. Super silent, fans dont move unless it has too. I've never messed with the overclocking settings, but the most I've done was activate the gaming mode. I get 90-120 FPS in R6, 60-80 in GTA, and 250 in Rocket League. All ran at high/max settings.

Case: Really minimalistic, great cable management, comes with 2 rgb strips, smart device, tempered glass, and cheap (if you opt for the version without the smart device). The glass is not tinted, and crystal clear. I really love the minimalism of this case, and if you're into modding cases, this case is an open canvas.

Psu: I got it for really cheap on Newegg (~$30). 80 plus bronze and fully modular. I can't hear it at all. The cables are nice, obviously not braided, but still good quality nonetheless.

Fans: The 2 Phanteks fans are for the x62. They are big, quiet, and match my build, even though they're not visible. They're inaudible at idle (~550/650 RPM). They start to be audible at 1200 rpm, but still super quiet. The NZXT Aer 120 is setup for exhaust. It was easy to install, and has rgb. I know that in some of the pictures, the fan is off. This is because it was around 3/4 in the morning and I forgot to plug it in. They do work, as seen in the pictures near the end. I don't like how you either have the 2 led strips, or the Aer fans connected. You must buy either Hue+ or Hue 2 if you want the LED strips and Aer fans to work at the same time. That's my only complaint about these fans.

Monitors: I started out with just the AOC monitor, and then got the HP one a few months before this upgrade. I use the AOC monitor for gaming. It has 144hz, 1ms response time, 1080p, g-sync, and 24 inches of sweet eye candy. This is my second monitor though from AOC, because the first one had a weird problem where the whole left half of the screen was just red while the other half was perfectly fine. The HP monitor is used for anything other than gaming. I have discord open on it, youtube, a movie, anything that isn't gaming. It worked right out the box without needing to be replaced like the AOC monitor. I would recommend not having the "fast mode" enabled on it because it has this weird motion blur kinda thing that just looks terrible. Keep it at the factory settings for response time. It is a 1080p, ips, 24 inch monitor that is cheap.

Keyboard: This was an upgrade from my old, (fake cherry mx blue) keyboard from Eagltec. It's got dim, medium, and bright modes. The RGB is accurate. On the sides of the keyboard, its got a glossy white finish with a white LED strip above it. It's not noticable when using it though. I got the mx brown switches. I like the tactical bump they have, and it's quieter than blues. It comes with a removable wrist rest, different WASD and QERDF keys. I don't use the different keycaps, but they are included. The software isn't the best, like at all, but you have to use it.

Mouse: I haven't had much time with this new mouse, but it's got RGB, made for right hand users only, and ment for gaming. The software isn't terrible, and very easy to use. It's super easy to set your CPI, RGB, macros, and a few other things I dont really know what they do. The feel of the mouse is great, and the side rubber grips feel amazing. The clicks sound deep, and not loud.

Headset: The best minimalistic headset that money can buy. It's from a reputable brand, comes in green, blue, and carbon. They aren't flashy, and have fixed ear cups. They're leather foam cups. The headset is discord certified, and the headset has amazing sound. Great for gaming, music, basically anything to do with sound. They come with a splitter for mic and audio also.

Gpu bracket: Amazing for aesthetics. That's all this bracket is used for. It comes in 2 different modles: displayport + hdmi, and hdmi + hdmi. I got the displayport + hdmi model. The displayport cable that came with the kit didn't work, so I had to cut into my case and use a different displayport cable. They have fixed this issue I've heard with a gen 2. I didn't want to deal with the hassle of requesting a new displayport cable, and no one will see the cut in the back, so thats why I did what I did.

EDIT: I added another AER RGB fan and a CableMod RGB strip to the bottom of my case for underglow

EDIT 2 I added a 2tb from Seagate and a white Phanteks cable kit

I hope you enjoy my setup! Thanks for reading!


Part Reviews


Excellent bang-for-your-buck CPU. It can turbo to 4.2Ghz, and also supports overclocking.

CPU Cooler

I really love the infinity mirror and its features. Just replace the stock fans with aftermarket ones and it works great. Super easy to install too


It has RGB, it's black and white, and supports overclocking. It is aesthetically pleasing and relatively cheap for what you get


Low profile, black ram with white accents. Boosts to 2400Mhz, and performs great


Excellent for a boot drive. Cheap, and has enough storage for an OS and programs. 120Gb isnt enough for an OS and games, so either get a larger HDD or another SSD


Excellent for holding games. 1tb is plenty for games and other applications. Reliable and cheap as well.

Video Card

The best looking 1060 6gb around. Has RGB, amazing cooling, plus the looks. This card is great for 1080p gaming and CAD.


I really love this case. The minimalistic design of this case really looks cool. The cable management is great, and comes with 2 rgb strips. One thing though, I don't like how you have to buy the Hue+ or Hue 2 if you want the Aer RGB fans plus the 2 RGB strips to be working at the same time. The h500i only allows you to choose one or the other with the smart device. That's my only complaint.

Power Supply

Totally inaudible. Fully modular, and I picked it up for cheap on Newegg. 520W is perfect for upgrades down the road

Operating System

You gotta have it

Case Fan

Excellent aftermarket SP fans for AIOs. Really quiet and are PWM

Case Fan

Has really cool features and is also bright. The whites on it are pretty accurate as well. These are ment for air flow and not static pressure


4 stars because the first one that I had received was broken. Their customer service was, eh? But the replacement worked fine. I really love the features that it includes. Thats the only reason why I bought it. I would 100% recommend to paint the green accents on this monitor a different color though. Unless your setup has green in it.


I use it for a secondary monitor. Really great for videos, editing, movies, and really anything that involves stuff like that. I don't use it for gaming, so I can't give my opinion on that though.


The colors are accurate, and bright. It has a dim, medium, and bright mode as well. I gave it 4 stars because the software isn't good at all. It comes with a removable wrist rest, and different WASD and QERDF key caps. Overall a really great keyboard, minus the software.


I haven't had time to really use the mouse because I've owned it for only 2 weeks, but it's got a great feel to it. The software is great and easy to use. This mouse is ment for right hand users only.


I love the minimalism of these headphones. The sound is excellent, plus it's discord certified. Also, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other headphones.

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  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Does the gpu affect the other components of the pc is it to big

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Nope. I just got done playing R6 with a friend and I never experienced anything wrong. The clearance between the gpu and the x62 is really small, but there is no loss from it that I can see.

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

what’s r6

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

A gay hentai

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Lyle would be proud is this pc wind or rice powered?

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Lyle would be proud. I've found that wind isnt good with overclocking, so I gotta go with the rice.

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

ah, nice