My wife was playing games on her laptop and complained of performance and issues. She wanted small machine that can do good gaming in 24 inch monitor with full HD. She did not wanted have tower style case and did not wanted to see the machine at all from her desk. so it had to be M-ITX cube. She knew and wanted to have SSD as it outperform mechanical HDD. She also did not wanted us to spend too much and asked to save as much as possible. Requirement and setup she asked was very particular.

I usually go new and best parts if I build computer but this was first time doing budget build so I had to research more.

Found Pentium G4560 was king of budget CPU and heard lots of good things about this guy.

As I started search parts I realized there were price gauge for all the mid to low range parts due to Ether Mining. Budget CPU, Ram, SSD, and especially GPU price was skyrocketed compare to few months back. I know it was worst time to build PC and it took really long time and effort to find decent deals for each parts.

Anyhow it was completed and as I got lots of help by reading and researching in PPP I'd like to report the executions.

Part Reviews


This is really King of Budget Gaming CPU. I was just amazed how it performs and price is unbeatable. I am targeting for 1080P 60hz gaming and this CPU just handles anything I throw wonderfully. I tried to stress out the CPU with AIDA64 but it did not go up over 50C with stock cooler. Just beautiful and all the hype was true with G4560.


Was looking for the cheap M-ITX mobo that serves G4560 while has all the bells and whistles. First I was looking in to 170 models but many told I will need previous Skylake CPU to bios update. I had good deal during the search and for the price I took the chance and came out really well. Once complain was USB 2.0 port placed right next to the GPU block. I got SilverStone Technology 2.4G Wireless Remote Computer Power/Reset Switch, USB 2.0 9-pin Interface ES02-USB which uses USB2.0 port and the adapter was going to interfere or possibly not going to work with any GPU which has longer fan size. Luckily GTX 1060 I got was mini size and tightly worked. Also I really like that they put M.2 slot on top of the Mobo (will be easier to upgrade if I ever needed) Many others has them in the back so it require complete uninstallation of board to use M.2 slot.


It was one of the cheapest one I could get for 16GB at the time. Works well and no complains with performance too. I could go 8GB and save little money but price difference was not so big and since my M-itx board only has 2 slot it would be hard to upgrade later so I went with 16GB for long run.


Got it from Bestbuy while there were crazy deal with GF and price match. There were YMMV situation but all came out really well for me and total price I spent for this SSD was just amazing. I did not test the performance of this SSD yet but so far everything I tried from installing OS to play couple games were all very fast even comparable to my main machine with i7 beast build. Just hoping it last and does not have trouble in the way as I heard some stories of reliability of this brand.

Video Card

Small size is very important for my build as my board had very tight spots. Worked out very well and so far had no issues. Price was not optimal when I get it but couldn't help....I was curious and tried Steam VR game ready test and got 8.9 score.....just amazing little guy. Will try to update review once I do some more benchmark.


Small and lovely cute cube. you can open all 4 side (top, bottom and 2 sides) and it make building experience so easy. Highly recommended to any m-itx build!

Power Supply

Got it cheap from Best buy some time ago. It was not working well with my OC'd system as power kept failed. I retried with my budget build and no issue with this setup so far. very quiet as the fan doesn't even spin unless it got hot. with my case that separates PSU section with internal it seems to be fan never kicks in even with load. Good for the money but knocking of 1 star due to problem I had with previously.

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Just built a pc on my page very similar to yours. Looks great!