My friend that works cybersecurity helped me with this one. Everything went smoothly except we had to switch the ram into different slots to output video.

So far, I've had no issues. My introduction to AMD has gone well. Both my previous builds were Nvidia, a 570 and 980ti. I have to say Radeon's app is easier to navigate too. The HP EX920 512 GB is the Windows drive; the HP EX950 2 TB is the storage drive. My system seems to average 44 degrees celsius for people interested in that. The Macho Rev B is a wonderful cooler. The Phanteks case has room to spare, and the cable management was a breeze. I recommend windows retail to avoid the shadiness of many OEM products, despite the horrendous price of the retail version.

I have not had to put settings down in any game yet. My primary monitor for gaming is a 65 inch 2018 Q8FN. The BenQ is used for writing or work-related things. The only changes I plan on making to the build are the mouse and keyboard. I'm using the current ones temporarily until I can buy replacements. I can only hear my rig when working in silence, which is rare in my space. I have the television connected to a soundbar that fills the room with surround sound.

I'm not sure if I'll overlock. For now, no. Freesync and Radeon Image Sharpening look amazing. No Man's Sky was the first game I tried, and along with the surround sound, it was quite the experience.


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Why didn't you use the stock Wraith Prism AMD cooler? It is entirely sufficient unless you want to overclock.

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In case, I change my mind. Plus this cooler runs cooler.