first of all sorry for my english if its bad...this is my very first build im happy and im proud of it. i built this on Feb.04 2016 but i only had time now posting it here since i was bit busy...i use this for gaming and some video editing. i came from console and now i ascend to pc gaming...i really had some bad experience from premade computers so i decided to built my own...i also mentioned it in my profile to keep things short.

building a computer for me will be an impossible task if i didnt stumble across this website which really helped me a lot although some of you will say that its like building lego but with some wires etc...and im with you guys, it is like lego but much more fun. the feeling of seeing your machine come to life is one of the greatest moments although i had run with some issues but in the end it worked well.

talking about issues at first i thought my motherboard was dead due to Q code that appear is 00. i looked upon the manual and i saw that memory is not used even if i only put 1 Ram stick it should work...then i thought it was on the Ram itself thinking of incompatibility and im starting to feel like something bad will happen like my old pc (BSOD, RMA or DOA) but scouring the internet, triple checking my build, watching videos of computer building (i♥u joannetachlover) and reviewing the manual of each and every part of my build i saw that 1 error of the most basic things that you could commit...i didnt put that 8pin EPS12v on cpu...FFFF!! the end it worked fans are working, gpu is running, liquid cooling is humming my MoBo is so laid back then Q code error 99 = super IO initialization boot device led is red hot...those who also had the same issues i will share my knowledge, in my case it is in the ssd/hdd maybe due that it wasnt plugged well i turned off, unplug, plugging it then turning it on again and it made me enter in the realm of BIOS (hallelujiah) it was one the greatest moment of my life. i still havent overclocked the cpu, im still and i will work for it, will see some video tutorial of how to overclock. for the cable management i think i did a good job and yes i ziptied it. im thinking if i will change my cables to sleeved ones eps pcie and the 24 pin but that will be in the future upgrades.

summarizing of building a computer in my opinion i say it was a great experience, thinking what case and other parts and thier compatibility, the joy of seeing the computer boot the frustration if dont and the tears of seeing your wallet empty. LOL anyway happiness has no price.

Part Reviews


from i3 to i7 6th generation it was like riding from a bike then someone put you on a rocket...ultra fast and stable

CPU Cooler

this baby is so sweet. silent, powerful and with software corsair link you can change the color too

Thermal Compound

if put correctly it works like charm =)


this motherboard is a beast...playing modern games with it is perfect combining it with skylake


Honestly my first choice is corsair vengeance due to some streamers use it but when i saw gskill i think i had to give it a try just to make things different and im happy with my decision...i boosted it also so that it performs in highest speed and im extremely satisfied


Im very happy with its performance...its my first ssd and i never thought that its so ultra now loads in less than 6 seconds, index search is godspeed


I always trusted western digital for thier quality i had the caviar green as a replacement from my old all in one that had some issues and after 5 years im still using it as a backup

Video Card

My first nvidia gpu as my old laptop and all in one are both AMD i say this is a i can play csgo or league of legends on ultra settings...i had free redeem of rise of the tomb raider too...goodies :3


Perfect case for my build...sturdy and 90% steel its durable and can last from build to i love the color green and im also a razer fanboy theres nothing i can ask for...a bit pity since the matte black paint can chipped away if got accidentally bumped

Power Supply

I picked this awesome psu and this capacity of watts since in my studying before building my rig the psu is like the heart so it is important to have a good quality of power supply if you want the other components to work well

Edit: my psu just died one month before the day it has been built, i sent the unit as RMA guest in EVGA and guess what, they changed the psu and now i have the evga supernova 850w Titanium...they never cease to amaze me...evga is legendary when it comes to customer support!

Case Fan

Performs well and quiet. I like the led position in the fan...perfect for my first build


I had a lot of thinking and time before deciding to get this monitor...i was picking an ordinary led monitor until i saw on some forums that on gaming it needs hertz rather than resolution and im so happy on my decision. 144hz and 1ms are those what really needs in competitive.

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Very Nice Build..

Thanks for Sharing !!

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Thank you very much...its my first build im so happy and its also worth sharing here where it also helped me how to build

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