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PCPP asking for confirmation I'm human?

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pianoplayer88key 43 months ago

So I was browsing PCPP earlier looking at cases, with a bunch of tabs open. (I'm working on figuring out a possible build for my parents to replace an aging and possibly damaged Dell D830 laptop.)

I was away for a while, and when I came back and reloaded a window with probably a couple hundred tabs, a lot of them are asking me to prove I'm human, select pictures meeting certain criteria, etc. :( (I'm not sure if it's a couple hundred tabs, but on Chrome with the browser window maximized on my 1920x1080 screen there isn't room to fit them all.)

Is there a way to get it to not do that when I reload a bunch of tabs at once? Shouldn't it know I'm human, since I manually opened the tabs in the first place, then later came back and either re-opened the previously closed window, opened a bunch of bookmarks in a new window with tabs, or in this particular case, mass-unsuspended all tabs? (I have the Great Suspender extension, although I'd like to find a better one - this one's not clearing enough memory when tabs get suspended. I was hoping to find an extension that if a tab is idle for over an hour or whatever I set it, I'd suspend itself and clear out an equivalent amount of memory as if I had terminated its process in task manager.)

Edit/added: Also is there a way to search cases for some other criteria without having to open each product's page on, for example newegg? (That's my preferred place to shop from, hence why I named them.) I'd really like to be able to search cases based on having the front USB ports mounted on the front of the case and not on top, having a fan mount on top, not having fans smaller than 120mm, being smaller than 10" wide by 19.5" tall by 24" deep, minimum of 3 internal 3.5" bays forgivable if there's at least 6 external 5.25" bays, etc, or things like that, and if something isn't specified go ahead and be able to include it in search results, it'd just say that it's not specified.

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piemancoder 1 point 43 months ago

Probably thought you were an automated bot trying to overload servers.