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[Correction] ECC support in Kaby Lake Pentium and Celeron CPUs

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blaziecat1103 26 months ago

The entries for the Kaby Lake Pentium and Celeron CPUs listed below incorrectly show no support for ECC RAM.

CPU Part number PCPP page Intel ARK page
Pentium G4560 (retail) BX80677G4560 Link Link
Pentium G4560 (OEM) CM8067702867064 Link Link
Pentium G4560T (OEM) CM8067703016117 Link Link
Pentium G4600 (retail) BX80677G4600 Link Link
Pentium G4600 (OEM) CM8067703015525 Link Link
Pentium G4600T (OEM) CM8067703016014 Link Link
Pentium G4620 (retail) BX80677G4620 Link Link
Pentium G4620 (OEM) CM8067703015524 Link Link
Celeron G3930 (retail) BX80677G3930 Link Link
Celeron G3930 (OEM) CM8067703015717 Link Link
Celeron G3930T (OEM) CM8067703016211 Link Link
Celeron G3950 (retail) BX80677G3950 Link Link
Celeron G3950 (OEM) CM8067703015716 Link Link

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ThoughtA staff 1 point 26 months ago

Thanks for the report, and thank you for formatting it so nicely! I've gone ahead and updated all of the CPUs you've listed.

[comment deleted by staff]