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i7 -8700 comparable to which AMD CPU?

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PurpleHze101 14 months ago

I'm imminently about to purchase the gear for my first ever build. Had it all planned out, but this whole Intel scandal has got me just little bit spooked. I've read that it would appear the later gen Intels won't take that much of a hit, especially for gaming (which is what i'm building for)

I was intending on getting an i7 8700, BUT of curiosity, which AMD cpu (if any) is similar in performance?

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Allan_M_Systems 3 points 14 months ago

1700X / 1800X are closest competitors from AMD. Pricing varies from ~$280-350 on the 1700X and ~$320-400 on the 1800X.

The 1700X/1800X have a bit more to give in highly parallel workloads, like export rendering.

The 8700 has the edge in gaming and other real-time workloads. Will pull ahead in any workload that can't scale to make use of all cores/threads available on a Ryzen 7.

Both good options. Don't worry about the security "flaw" on the Intel chips, it won't have an effect on personal computing performance.

Nullarc77 3 Builds 2 points 14 months ago

Recent gaming benchmarks from after the update show that it has 0 effect on framerate.


There are small effects in other things but nothing substantial. The main effect is on the server side of things. Large servers are going to have a performance hit(If they use intel cpus of course) Which may force the companies to buy even more cpus to make up for the loss in processing power. Intel may just be using this as an excuse to get more profit from the server side of things but that is unlikely. However I would not be surprised.

As far as pricing goes there really isn't a cpu from AMD that is comparable besides the 1800X but that is overprice anyway, And I don't think many people are buying them because its just a 1700/1700x with a higher clockspeed and price tag. As far as performance goes it is about on par with an overclocked 1700 in most tasks not counting gaming.


Ice44 1 Build 1 point 14 months ago

Probably a overclocked 1600x (even though you can't get much of an overclock out of it). Once the Ryzen refresh or Ryzen 2 or whatever is released there will probably be a more comparable CPU. As currently, Intel still rules the single core performance bracket.