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Keep my 1060 3GB or upgrade?

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FirstDecember 14 months ago

Hello, over the next few months I plan to upgrade my pc. I currently have a 1060 3GB GPU, but I have noticed that it sometimes has issues with some games running due to the vram required by them running on high+ settings. I would rather run high-ultra settings if I can. I have an i5-7400 3.0GHz CPU. I'm not sure if it will cause any bottlenecks with the upgrades. Anyways. would it be better for me to get a 1060 6GB for around $300-$350 or should I just save a bit more and get a 1070 8GB for $100 more? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also if you know about the bottle necking I would like your input as well! Thanks!

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Chillsabre 2 Builds 1 point 14 months ago

The 1060 3GB is within 6% performance of the 6GB version. At 1080p, if you are running into a bottleneck, its not likely to be due to the VRAM of the GPU.

Here is a video showing some benchmarks at 1440p to try and push the VRAM usage as high as possble and you will see that the 3GB doesnt really limit the results.


The 7400 CPU runs at a low clockspeeds and might be part of the performance issues you are perceiving.

Have you monitored the usage of your parts to see what is slowing you down?

FirstDecember submitter 1 point 14 months ago

No I have not, I don't know to much about the different clock speeds of CPU's so I always assumed if you had graphic issues with games it was due to the VRAM of the GPU. Either that or maybe the combined 3GB of VRAM and my 8GB system RAM was an issue with the total RAM usage, but I am not sure. I check it out next time I fire up Battlefront 2

Slingshott 1 Build 1 point 14 months ago

If you wanna get a new gpu buy the 1070 or ti

Nullarc77 3 Builds 1 point 14 months ago

Wait for Volta. You can get a much better card for the same amount of money.