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is it possible to use a gigabyte 1080 and gigabyte 1080ti oc in SLI

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Vayne16 10 days ago

would like to now if its possible i have both cards for gaming

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thunder-93 1 point 10 days ago

SLI requires both the same GPU and same video RAM size ... so no, you can't SLI a GTX 1080 with a GTX 1080Ti (two different GPUs and two different video RAM sizes). Sorry.

Vayne16 submitter 1 point 4 days ago

what about using it just for a second monitor not for sli just to power a second monitor like 1 gpu use one monitor and the other uses a different one

thunder-93 1 point 4 days ago

yes, that should work

DaMysteryMan 1 Build 1 point 10 days ago

No. You could SLI a 1080 founders and gigabyte 1080, but not two completely different cards.

LeviAMD 1 Build 1 point 3 days ago

no D: but thunder-93 is right

Vayne16 submitter 1 point 1 day ago

you talking about the first thing i asked or the second thing i asked thunder

LeviAMD 1 Build 1 point 1 day ago

That u can't sli them.