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Redragon - Mammoth Wired Laser Mouse

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arcana 34 points 45 months ago
from completed build Vulpes Vulpes

I used to have a logitech mouse, but it died while I was traveling a year ago, and this was the only mouse I could get on short notice. It works ok. It's not stellar, but it works fine, and it was like... 12 bucks? Something like that.

EnetBantallit 11 points 43 months ago

The mouse that comes with the keyboard isn't really great for me, so I got this. Fits my hand very well, seems to work great. Very programmable, but I've never had a gaming mouse before, and don't have a point of comparison.

Skizzy 6 points 38 months ago
from completed build Old AMD Rig

This mouse is INSANE. The DPI is 16400!! It's perfect for gaming, and I got it for only $27! Wow!

iw23 5 points 32 months ago
from completed build Der Red Renderer (first build)

I bought this for 60 dollars a long time ago and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO friggin' awesome! I see no cons, at all! It was worth 60 bucks at the time! It even has RGB lights and a bunch of cool buttons on the side that I use all the time. It has online drivers in case you lose the little CD that came with it (which I did lose the first hour I got it)

jeep94 9 points 31 months ago
from completed build My first gaming pc

Best mouse ever. Feels great in my hand. And only 27 bucks.

kmathieu2220 70 points 27 months ago
from completed build My Man Corner

Use this around 2000 dpi and its awesome. Some customizability with the color and the macro buttons. Extremely comfortable and fills your whole hand in a very satisfying way

kill3650 8 points 27 months ago
from completed build First Build- 1080p with OC

Great mouse! Cheap and comes with and the functions and features of a high end mouse. Only complaints are the software which lacks user friendliness in customization and the plastic pads that come with the mouse mess the lazer sensor up.

RowanJ22 18 points 24 months ago

Just, wow, this mouse offer so much for a super cheap price, without feeling cheap as well. RGB lighting, over 16,000 DPI, custom settings, easy to use software really grippy. Don't know why anyone would spend $50 on a mouse that offers half as much as this one does. Hats off to Reddragon.

stupid_chris 6 points 17 months ago
from completed build PoweRED

Great mouse here. The braided cable looks very good and the lighting isn't too annoying. It has a very good feel to it and a high quality, very satisfied with this mouse.

itcheazus 9 points 14 months ago
from completed build Skeletor (Update: 12/19/17)

Received 12/25/17 for Christmas. So far I love this mouse. I previously used a corsair Scimitar. The scimitar was nice but I got it second hand, at which point the side buttons didn't work except for 6, 9, and 12, and none of the customizable lighting was working.


The mammoth comes with all of its included weights pre-installed. This is the way I've been using the mouse so far. I feel like it is not much heavier than my Scimitar was with all weight installed, and I prefer it with the weights rather than without. Will probably tweak with removing and installing different amounts of weight at a later time.

Finish on the mouse is nice and grippy, and the thumb and right finger rests are a nice touch. The three buttons on the left side aren't in just the right spot for me but I don't have to shift my grip much to hit them.


I've tried to avoid red components as much as I could but asked for this mouse anyhow due to the reviews I had read on it. The lighting is mostly customizable except for the scroll wheel, DPI lights, and the "ring" around the base of the mouse(at least for me). I have have gotten around this limitation by adjusting the available DPI profiles to just the level I use and making that the "blue" profile. This brings me to software.


Mouse works right away without installing any extra software. After installing the software you can remap the buttons, customize the DPI levels to whatever you want, customize the lighting, and other items.

The software is laid out well, simple, and intuitive enough. I might be missing something with the lighting screen however, as the labels on the breathing speeds start with "closed". I believe this is no breathing, which is what I was after. It appears to work but if you make any changes to the color after the fact it goes back to breathing, despite still having "closed" selected. Select another speed, reselect closed and apply and it stops breathing again. Another item I'm not sure I'm missing is how to change the color of the scroll wheel. It's red no matter what I do. Pictures show it matching the back of the mouse. EDIT: Scroll wheel light is also an indicator like the DPI keys, this can be changed by selecting the current User mode with the mode select on the bottom of the mouse. I bet I can set the "blue" mode up to my liking and just switch to that to get the lights to all match up.

Not a deal-breaker though.

Overall I'm very satisfied with this mouse. Will edit review as needed after using the mouse more.