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CPU Cooler

CRYORIG - H7 49 CFM CPU Cooler

( 4.7 Average / 256 Ratings )




Part #

(or) CR-H7A

Supported Sockets


Liquid Cooled


Noise Level

1 dB - 25 dB


330 - 1600 RPM


145 mm / 5.709"

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Alternate Belgium €39.99 +€3.99 s/h In stock €43.98

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DeadWithoutWifi 33 points 47 months ago

i really like how small this cooler is, ram clearance is astonishing and its small enough to fit in most cases. during long game sessions my CPU tends to get a bit hot but the cooler does its job

brightman42 13 points 47 months ago
from completed build Gaming PC the Third: "Dark"

A great alternative to the CM 212 Evo, slightly easier to install, and it's sorta angled in a way to allow more clearance for RAM.

why510 13 points 46 months ago
from completed build The Brick (The Hotel Build)

Quiet, small, and keeps everything cool. The thing everyone looks for in a good cooler.

turtle328 16 points 45 months ago
from completed build My First Gaming Build ($1500)

I love this cooler! I originally was going to get the classic 212 Hyper EVO but a good fellow on the forums suggested this instead, I'm so glad I went with it! Looks extremely futuristic and works well. It's HUGE compared to a stock cooler though, I'm not sure how big it is compared to the 212 Hyper EVO, never had one.

NastyNuggetz 10 points 44 months ago
from completed build First Build From Scratch

If I could give this 6 stars I would, it is aesthetically 100x better than the Hyper 212, and at the same price point, it has tested better is comparison. If you want an air cooler for your cpu AMD/Intel you cannot go wrong with this.

snarkyCoder 33 points 43 months ago
from completed build TUF TUX

• Zero RAM interference

• LOOKS GREAT and even better in a B&W Color scheme

• Keeps CPU cool at very low RPM I would get the alert of low rpm but CPU is at 28°C when idle :P

• Very QUIET!!!

Mackilroy 19 points 43 months ago
from completed build Of Course I Still Love You

A bit better than the Hyper 212 EVO I had before. Excellent design and very quiet.

Pill_Slinger 16 points 42 months ago
from completed build SOVEREIGN

Looks and performs slightly/considerably better than the popular HYPER 212. Same price range. 212 would not fit in my case as well. Noise level and tone surprised me, really liked it. Looks amazing, makes me smile whenever I look at my PC

As a first time builder I had some trouble installing it.. but it was ok in the end, just a bit scary lol

I had to hang the mobo off the edge of a table to screw install/screw it in, otherwise it would of been very difficult. Sort of like how a mechanic works underneath a car.

thetolsonator 10 points 41 months ago
from completed build #ForTheKids

A slightly more expensive option (depending on which way the wind blows) than a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, but IMO worth the extra $$$. Smaller and more aesthetically pleasing color-wise, will fit in a lot more mid tower cases than the 212 Evo.

+PRO+ +Great performance \ 1-2C lower idle and 3-5 lower under load vs 212 Evo +Much quieter fan than stock 212 Evo +Very clean and sleek looking (black top and no protruding randomly closed nubs) +Angled design that allows for "Zero RAM clearance issues) +Metal clips to hold the fan on vs destructive screws +Mounting back plate and securing cooler is fairly simple and straight forward.

-CONS- -Metal fan clips are a little difficult to apply/remove -Finding all 4 holes on the bottom of the cooler with the fans attached is difficult to secure the cooler and finalize the installation. -Coolers' angle doesn't leave much room behind it for rear exhaust fans if you want a dual fan push/pull setup.

ineedasandwich 55 points 41 months ago

Before stumbling across this one I had chosen the ever so popular 212 Hyper Evo cooler which is cheaper as I paid 47 euros for my H7 (now it's 67 euros!). I was concerned about noise and size, this one seemed better in both areas and since I was building in a Micro ATX form factor, this fit the bill to perfection.