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Corsair - VOID 7.1 Channel Headset

( 4.8 Average / 17 Ratings )






Part #

(or) CA-9011130-EU





Enclosure Type







32 Ω

Active Noise Cancelling


Sensitivity at 1 V RMS

107 dB

Frequency Response

20 Hz - 20 kHz


USB 2.0


Genuine Dolby 7.1 Surround
RGB lighting - 16.8 million colors
InfoMic - LED audio status indicator
CUE Control - digital command dial

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SeaMonster49 14 points 40 months ago
from completed build My Modest 8th Grade First Build

Very comfortable, great sound fits with the RGB theme too, great headset.

xSpencer_The_Kidx 7 points 37 months ago
from completed build The Red Viper V.2.0

Great headset! Good sound and multiple sound profiles.

EXTREMELY comfortable. The ear cups design is that so it will perfectly fit around your ear without crushing your ear. I can go all day wearing these non stop whereas with other headphones i could only go an hour or two before my ears hurt.

Only problem I had is that i accidently broke the usb plug by bending it while reaching for something on my dresser. I fixed this by finding an old USB charger and cutting it and splicing it onto the end of the headset's cord. Works fine.


fieldsy4life 13 points 35 months ago
from completed build Dell XPS 8700 980 Ti Upgrade

For the price, it's a great headset. The only other headset I considered was the Logitech USB 7.1 (not spending $300 for Sennheiser or Astro - although they are amazing). The padding is super comfortable and you can notice a difference with the 7.1 surround on. Everything is configurable using the same Corsair CUE software that the mouse uses. You can adjust volume, mic on/off, and surround on/off from the headset while gaming.

Scadoosh118 16 points 33 months ago
from completed build Asus Corsair Black and Gold

This is a great headset. It is extremely comfy and sturdy. The LEDs are ok. The cable is braided, but mine is at an angle at the back of my computer due to some damage. The cable is pretty short for a headset, but it only becomes a problem when I try to leave my desk for a short distance with the headset still on.

mouzzampk2014 18 points 31 months ago

Again I pick this one because of lightning effects and its so comfortable. And again Corsair Utility engine easily change the effects.

Logistics515 14 points 31 months ago

Probably the best set of headphones I've ever owned, but then again, I'm no audiophile and have gotten by with pretty run-of-the-mill Sony designs before. Most expensive (I got as a gift) was a $200 Bose set, but it was fragile and one of the speaker cup mounts broke inside of a year with just normal wear-and-tear. The VOID looks and feels like it can survive the apocalypse and honestly exceeds the Bose I had by a good margin in sound quality.

Squidplaysbass 12 points 31 months ago
from completed build Squids gaming build

I bought the strafe keyboard, sabre mouse and void headset together because corsair uses a single software program for all their rgb periferals. Very satisfied with my purchases.

myko2012 31 points 27 months ago
from completed build Started As A Budget Build

great sound and mic clarity but too small for my head

Blackops010 7 points 27 months ago

Sound quality is amazing

jedethridge 5 points 27 months ago

For the price it is fantastic, the memory foam earcups and headband is a dream, mute button and volume controls integrated into the left earcup is a nice touch, means I'm not trying to fiddle with inline controls anymore! The highs and lows are clear, crisp and blow my previous £90 Tritton headset out of the water, the only downside is that the middle range is abit muddy at times and a detachable mic would have been nice. But the metal frame and good quality plastic are welcomed, for the price I doubt you will find anything as comfortable or that sound as good.