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Case Fan

NZXT - Aer RGB120 (3-pack) 61.4 CFM 120mm Fans

( 4.3 Average / 24 Ratings )





Aer RGB120 (3-pack)

Part #






LED Color


Air Flow

20 CFM - 61.4 CFM

Noise Level

22 dB - 31 dB


500 - 1500 RPM

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Graph360 84 points 28 months ago
from completed build The Maverick V 2.5 Compact Power

the aer fans are awesome... the fact that they have full rgb (with hue+) and 4-pin pwm is really nice, although there are alot more wires involved and requires a bit more cable management. then there is the obvious expense $30 per fan and then needing to buy the hue+ this money really starts to add up. yet, they really do add that extra effect to your pc

sol1dus2 10 points 27 months ago

These fans are the perfect eye catching LED Fans that they were sold as at CES 2016. they can do any and every color thanks to CAM software. My only gripe is the data wires. I'm sure they could have used thinner, more malleable data cables for the in and out daisy chain cables of the fans. This would have allowed users to have an easier way to maintain and hide the cabling.

cmn65 18 points 26 months ago
from completed build New Year, New Build (Third Build)

Great LEDs, awesome performance. Worth the money.

ImVeer 57 points 25 months ago
from completed build Blue (First Build)

Great fans, they do their job and look amazing while doing it. It would be awesome to see NZXT find a way to have an RBG ring on both sides or make it movable in some way. I just don't like being restricted to only one side of the fan or I won't be able to see the lights. Maybe some Aer RGB SP fans in the future?

IncesVelus 2 points 24 months ago
from completed build FLUX

As you can see they look phenomenal, as for the sound, whisper quiet at full speed. They are top notch fans, just keep in mind you have to daisy chain the LED wiring when installing so make sure you layout how the fans are going to sit first (I did not and spent almost a full hour re-laying them out)


I am not downing the fans for this because the LED is not the quality of the fan, but should you buy these for the LED's do not forget to get a HUE

StagVT 30 points 24 months ago

Probably the best looking RGB fans out there.

Pretty easy to set up with the Hue+ and software isn't too bad either. The only reason i'm giving 4 stars is that I wish these were a static-pressure optimized fan rather than an airflow type. They still seem to push plenty of air though.

Maxine 44 points 22 months ago
from completed build Tax money and some

Very easy to set up and it was easy to hide the cables. CAM software kind of laggy but it's also easy to use.

OccamAsylum 27 points 21 months ago
from completed build Stardust

White, purple, and orange are the hardest colors to get right, but otherwise these fans look great. They're pretty tall, so keep that in mind for clearance in smaller cases.

SirTreePuncher 45 points 21 months ago
from completed build RGB Everything!

Lights up and cools fine.

Frogg_Tough26 18 points 20 months ago
from completed build (***Updated*** )The Animus

-Case Fans- NZXT AER RGB : Okay, so I know this looks weird. I initially started out with the NZXT fans in my case but they didn't work at all. The Hue Plus and LED's that came with them didn't work either....So I trashed them in anger and went to the Corsair fans that came with the case and two others I bought. I also had to leave the top two NZXT fans in for now until I get to new Corsair fans to replace them.