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AMD - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor

( 4.9 Average / 179 Ratings )




Part #


Data Width




Operating Frequency

3.4 GHz

Turbo Frequency

3.9 GHz



L1 Cache

6 x 64 kB Instruction
6 x 32 kB Data

L2 Cache

6 x 512 kB

L3 Cache

1 x 15.99 MB


12 nm

Thermal Design Power

65 W

Includes CPU Cooler


Simultaneous Multithreading


Maximum Supported Memory

64 GB

Integrated Graphics


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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
Alternate Belgium €169.90 +€3.99 s/h In stock €173.89
Bytes At Work €174.00 +€3.95 s/h €177.95
Paradigit €179.00 +FREE s/h €179.00

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Asleeper135 9 points 11 months ago
from completed build My First Custom PC

It's a $200 CPU that can break 1100 in cinebench with ease. I know that isn't the ultimate CPU bench, but it still gives you a pretty good idea of how it compares to other CPUs. It is also way easier to cool than current Intel CPUs. Overall, I am quite pleased.

Kevr0n228 17 points 10 months ago
from completed build Fixing my first build mistakes

Very happy I switched to Red Team.

Wambulance 58 points 10 months ago


  • 6 cores / 12 threads
  • Comes with heatsink + fan
  • Excellent non-gaming performance vs. i7-8700k
  • MUCH lower cost than the i7-8700k


  • Overall, much lower clock frequency vs the i7-8700k (and noticeably behind in gaming performance vs coffee lake)
  • Not much savings from the Ryzen 5 2600x and the 2600x has a much better heatsink/fan.

I'm giving this processor 4 out of 5 stars mainly due to the 2600x being the better value here.

zoom900 18 points 9 months ago
from completed build OwO what's this?

Overclocked to 4.0ghz. Stock cooler is a joke though.

cramstr 10 points 9 months ago
from completed build The Budget FPS Dominator

Great 6 core processor, a great budget for 2nd gen Ryzen. The stock cooler is also pretty good, and is not loud.

TheRev15 17 points 9 months ago
from completed build Mid range AMD build

Great mid range CPU for the money. Decided to go with this over intel due to not agreeing with them using sketchy build materials requiring some people to de-lid their chips.

XFR works wonders on this chip. With a decent cooler it will push it beyond 3.9 GHz.

jase685 11 points 9 months ago

Great CPU. Plenty of threads and fast enough for what I need.

sandris 10 points 9 months ago
from completed build Alphonse all "red"

I've bought it cause my old Ryzen 1300X bottleneck the GTX 1070. This 12nm Ryzen shine! It's faster in single core, and in multicore keeps 3,7Ghz on over all 12 threads. Precision Boost is amazing, it switch the cores hz based on game required. Some old-engine games like War Thunder doesn't benefit of Ryzen cause it uses few cores. Actually i don't have overclocked yet.

adamc30 9 points 8 months ago
from completed build My first custom build

Upgraded to this from the Ryzen 3 1200. I like it but it runs hot with the stock cooler. Idle temps were 39° C and under load was getting to high 70's. I replaced the cooler with a Corsair liquid cooler and temps went down dramatically. Many others recommended just using a better air cooler which apparently works great too.

Kr0fcheck 17 points 8 months ago
from completed build Zenbiote (Symbiote)

Amazing CPU for the price, I would recommend this to anyone. Hit 1405 cb in Cinebench R15 when I pushed it to 4.1 GHz at 1.4 V. Wasn't comfortable with that high voltage, so I toned it down to 4.0 GHz at 1.325 V and it hits 1350 cb consistently.