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Logitech - G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Wired Laser Mouse

( 4.7 Average / 49 Ratings )





G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Part #






Tracking Method


Maximum DPI


Hand Orientation



Make it yours - easily
Onboard brains
Double down with G-Shift
Shift DPI on the fly
Shaped to go the distance
Gaming-grade laser tracking
Braided USB cable
Low-friction feet
Resolution: 200 - 8200 dots per inch (dpi)
Image processing: 11.25 megapixels/second
Max. acceleration: 25G
Max. speed: up to 160 inches (4.06 m)/second
USB data format: 16 bits/axis
USB report rate: Up to 1000 reports/second
Buttons (Left / Right / Third): 20 million clicks
Feet: 250 kilometers
Weight: 133 grams (without cable)
Cord: 15 grams
Dimensions: 118mm x 75mm x 41mm
Cable length: 6.5 feet (2 meters)

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blakers 13 points 46 months ago

Super awesome mouse. I've had this mouse for almost two years now and I love it.

prasfear 8 points 42 months ago
from completed build Cerberus MK1

I do wish it had more weight

GraveDoctor 12 points 41 months ago

Mouse wheel is beginning to lose advanced functionality after about a year and a half of constant use. Feels like that might be a normal thing with mice it was good up until that point. Software hates me.

Button heaven though.

daviesben33 11 points 40 months ago
from completed build End of 2015 S340 Build

I don't play MMO's, but I really like this mouse for it's many side buttons which I am very quick with. I have them bound to lots of things, and I probably couldn't go without this mouse now.

SpriggsyUK 23 points 39 months ago
from completed build Aiofe V.2.

This is the best mouse I've ever had, not due to the extra buttons, or the High dpi (10,000 is its max) it's because it offers me the best palm grip a man could ask for. The mouse isn't the biggest in the world or the heaviest, but it fits my hand like a tailored suit. The other things previously mentioned are also great too but it's all about that palm grip really.

jooprzol 4 points 30 months ago
from completed build Desktop / Light Gaming Build

I like this mouse. It's third button is reminiscent of the old Logitech Wingman Gaming Mouse. The lighting effects are nice, too.

Fallen_Empire99 20 points 29 months ago

Got this mouse from work when it was on sale and don't regret it at all

OneYouHate 16 points 29 months ago
from completed build SnowFlake

One of the best mice I have owned, and has survived a lot longer than any near same priced ones i have purchased before and after this one. I use this daily.

AnAngrySamaritan 25 points 29 months ago

The feet at the bottom of the mouse get pretty beat up on a hard surface quite easily, more easily than one would expect, but this is a great comfortable mouse for MMO gamers or for people that just like have inputs for pretty much anything.

Fallen_Empire99 56 points 29 months ago
from completed build Unfinished Business

Picked this up after my last mouse died and it's great if you like MMO's or other games that require some extra button use