I'm a 14 year old guy with a weird eye for looks, when i got a macbook like everyone else in my school, I'm still the only one with the Andy Warhol Brillo pad sleeve... I plan on youtubing with my next build. I'm huge into:

  • RTS
  • Turn-Based
  • Indie
  • Open World
  • Prison Architect *Kerbal Space Program (KSP)
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon (yes i know it's old, abb, RCT3)
  • Cube-shaped things, from rubix to Corsair's Air 540, and CM's HAF-XB
  • Modding, case, card, and game
  • FPS (TF2, CS, not a huge fan of CoD, but I'm big into the DICE engine, so BF4)
  • Stealth-oriented games (MGS, AC, Light)
  • Anno Series (it is so damn good)
  • EVGA, although i might go AMD sometime soon when I get my work license this December, so i can pay for stuff myself)
  • ASUS (Their products are incredible and long-lasting)
  • Intel (particularly for core efficiency (KSP has garbage multi-core support( 3 cores are sipping mai-tai's on pearlescent beaches, while one is having a heart attack in a 3rd world country surrounded by local mafias))
  • Music (from 60's progressive to ratatat, kid cudi, and some old lil wayne/drake/drama/jack johnson, etc. a lot more, i also like avicii and other techno/electronic/dubstep groups/producers
  • And girls (if only i could make them really into me...)