"May your Frame rate be mighty and your Draw distance far"

20 year old, die hard PC enthusiast. I've been working with computers ever since I was an early teen, I built my first computer when I was about 14, which of course was the coolest computer ever. My Radeon X1950 Pro, its rainbow lights, 80mm blue led fans and plexiglass side panel was unbeatable. Until my friend showed me a game called "Crysis". Suddenly my PC wasn't as awesome as it once was, my graphics card only had DirectX 9! I needed to play this Crysis game on max settings of course. I needed a new graphics card! but which one should I buy? So I googled "DirectX 10 Graphics card", clicked on the first link, brought me to NewEgg. "HIS Radeon HD6770" price... $135!!! But I needed to play crysis! Oh how could I obtain such a large amount of money? What could I possibly do? Should I do more chores around the house? Should I ask the neighbors if I could mow their lawn? So what did I do?... I sold my PlayStation.