"An obsession for customization, and over 10 years of IT experience. I strive for perfection, in every way possible."

While I try to keep all of my builds on here up to date, some of them may sit around for a while and become obsolete. If you have negative feedback, I encourage you to take it somewhere else.

"Why did you choose this?" -I actually have reasons for everything in each particular part list. Different uses require different parts. Nothing that I do, would I feel that I have to justify "Why?". That is the beauty of this site. Create your own list, and post it for yourself. Meet your own needs! These were done by me for me.

Most of my lists are used for reference, pricing and Ideas. Plus I get bored sometimes, so...

If you like any of my build lists on here, that is great too! I'm glad you found it, and got some ideas!

-Happy building everyone!