About me? Well, I'm older than most of you good folks on this site. I rapped up a 37 year career in Law Enforcement. That's a younger person's job right now and I've had enough fun (sarcastically said). However, I recently started working a part time security position at my local school district. The kids are great, keeps me young, and gives me something to do during the day. It's a terrific gig and I get to interact with the school community for better relations. A win win situation. My children have their own jobs and families, so it's my wife and other "children" right now...our 3 dogs. Life is great!

I build computers as a hobby...a rather expensive hobby at times. Sometimes I like to see what I can do with an older computer, or mix old parts with new parts and try to make it work. It's fun making something out of nothing. I make plenty of mistakes, and try to learn from them. It's funny, my first computer was a Commodore 64. Quite a machine for it's day. How things have changed since then.

I rely on you younger guys and gals for your "computer building" knowledge and expertise, and value and respect all of your opinions. I love building computers. It takes my mind off of the "real world" (but what really is real?) where I can escape into CPUs, GPUs, MBs, SSDs, HHDs, cables, wires, cases, wire know what I mean. I don't know all of the technical jargon you guys/gals do and can't explain the deep intricacies of specs and how components work and interact, but I learn something new everyday and a lot of that is from PCPARTPICKER web pages. I think, however, that I can build a pretty good machine.

Sometimes I have a budget, sometimes I don't. Depends on if I want to just go all out and splurge on the best parts, or be practical and just get what is needed. Practicality doesn't win all the time though, so I tend to overkill (I'd rather have a bit more than not enough). After every build, I have a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Take care all and thanks for all your advice. I'am learning a lot. Don't you just love computers!!!